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Australia’s Largest Cities Commit to Renewable Energy Target

“Melbourne is aiming to reach zero net emissions by 2020…The role of the City of Melbourne is to lead by example and to promote and facilitate opportunities with both the private and public sectors. We are committed to working with … Continue reading

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Coalition’s plans to remove carbon price will cost more than $6B.

Overall, the Coalition has earmarked $2.01bn for its environmental policies over four years, significantly less than the $2.56bn it will spend on one road, the Pacific Highway, in that period. >readmore> The Guardian

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Power demand drop, coal out, renewables in

Despite current loud rantings by the opposition, saying that Carbon Tax has done nothing to reduce emissions, here’s a report, based on latest NEM data, to show a decrease of more than 6% in last 12 months. Brown coal power … Continue reading

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