Special note – Page header on Blog page is about urgent need for people mobilisation, as big as WW2 and Manhattan Project. Graph shows April 2016 already exceeding 1.5degC limit, since 2degC revised, not safe, in Paris climate change meeting. Please inspect and sign the petition.

We’re a community group of people, concerned with helping one another, disentangle information and disinformation, in mainstream media about Global Warming, otherwise known as Climate Change. Federal and State governments are held hostage by transnational coal, oil and gas corporations. To reverse recent trends, we’re organising, with other community groups, in many ways, to reduce our addiction to fossil fuel powered energy.

In recent years, weather events have become frighteningly extreme. Tens of thousands of people die each day. Marine and terrestrial sources of food are suffering and much essential infrastructure has been swept away. The science is convincing that cause of major changes is human induced GHG’s (Green House Gases). Emissions need to be reduced. Dramatically. Immediately.

Our organisation needs to recruit, integrate, train and retain members to enable activities to motivate politicians to discard fossil fuel power, replacing it with zero carbon energy sources, with utmost urgency.

Inspiration to enable our group comes from parent GroundSwell, a project of Climate Emergency Network, with our  special acknowledgement to http://www.janetrice.com.au/


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