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Australia’s de-facto carbon price at record high, may reach $50 per tonne | RenewEconomy

Australian carbon credits tipped to jump to $50 per tonne, riding surge in corporate demand even as federal government sits idle on climate policy. — Read on reneweconomy.com.au/australias-de-facto-carbon-price-at-record-high-may-reach-50-per-tonne/ despite Doolittle Scomo no climate policy

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Australia’s electricity emissions jump 5.5% since Coalition dumps carbon price

Australia’s electricity emissions continue to rise, now 5.5 % higher than before carbon price was dumped, putting Australia against the global trend which is seeing energy emissions flat-lining even as the global economy expands.Pitt & Sherry analyst Hugh Saddler says in his latest … Continue reading

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Report from Davos: Why 4th industrial revolution is coming our way

The World Economic Forum held in Davos this week comes on the heels of the international climate meeting in Paris in December, and the energy and optimism from COP21 is also fueling Davos. Over the past few days, much of the conversation here … Continue reading

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Energy policy: Push renewables to spur carbon pricing

Putting a price on carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases to curb emissions must be the centrepiece of any comprehensive climate-change policy. We know it works: pricing carbon creates broad incentives to cut emissions. Yet current price of carbon remains … Continue reading

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“Stop Me Before I Kill the Planet”: Another Major Oil Producer calls for Carbon Pricing

In another astonishing announcement, a second major Oil producer has called for a global carbon  pricing mechanism. BP follows last week’s speech from Ben Van Beurden, CEO of Shell, which called for policies to curb climate change, including a price on carbon. BP has warned … Continue reading

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California’s Carbon Trading System Is Going So Well They Sold Out Of Permits

Maybe there is hope for concept of ETS, assuming there’s enough political will to keep reducing the cap so that permit price is enough to stimulate emission reductions. >readmore> ThinkProgress

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$48 – the right price for a tonne of CO2?

Interesting news in USA as Obama administration gives even more teeth to their EPA( as our giants contenders for PM compete to cut more “green tape” and further emasculate our EPA) >readmore> ClimateSpectator

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Electricity what you pay, past, present and future

 Components of electricity pricing, yesterday, today and tomorrow, showing carbon price and renewable costs to be negligible.

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Power demand drop, coal out, renewables in

Despite current loud rantings by the opposition, saying that Carbon Tax has done nothing to reduce emissions, here’s a report, based on latest NEM data, to show a decrease of more than 6% in last 12 months. Brown coal power … Continue reading

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