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Debunking confusionists about electric vehicles

Here’s how to stay calm and refute donkey arguments saying electric vehicles will never be viable. Scroll down to Charging Times for key info that 3-phase power makes for quick refill. Also Better Place is using mechanism from F16 aircraft … Continue reading

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Be cool in the kitchen, DIY outdoor solar cooker

Here’s a bit of fun we can all do. Why have your indoor cooker making heat to make the aircon work harder? Just trace onto cardboard, cut and fold. Full-size CooKit template for printout – Tiled

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Wilson Solar Grill Stores the Sun’s Energy For Nighttime Grilling

Read more Wilson’s technology harnesses the sun and stores latent heat to allow cooking times for up to an amazing twenty five hours at temperatures above 450 degrees Fahrenheit. The technology uses a Fresnel lens to harness the sun’s energy to melt down … Continue reading

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Energy/Transitions – Fossil power bonanza on way out

Report below explains what’s really happening behind privatised power in Australia eg how IPR Gdf-SUEZ can “win” 20% of annual profit from Hazelwood in just 8 hours! A National auction system pays very high prices for peak demand power, in … Continue reading

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Solutions/Affordability – Why we can afford zero carbon

So many in the commentariat are adamant that we can’t afford renewables because they cost too much. The gap has narrowed to payback for PV panels less than 5 years, Subsequently your electricity can be free of charge. For those … Continue reading

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Energy/Buildings-Age of free solar

Here’s some good news about zero carbon PV panels on your roof, even packaged into your mortgage, offering savings(much more than 0.25%) to reduce repayment term duration by years:

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Energy/buildings – Gas not the answer 1

Here’s a surprising analysis of energy efficiency, about space heating(also cooling) by Matthew Wright from BZE. In Shire of Bass Coast, folks on the mainland now have natural gas. On Phillip Island, it’s deemed “too expensive” for the pipeline. … Continue reading

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Energy/Transport – Cars, CO2, wheeliebins

If your conscience is really nagging you about making changes to reduce CO2 emissions then here’s the place to prove that you’re not kidding yourself. Petrol/LPG/diesel powered private motor cars are a personal problem, expensive to buy, fuel, maintain and … Continue reading

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Energy/Transport – Garbage

To reduce emissions, power stations are an easy target but big corporations hold governments hostage to deflect your wishful thinking. Meanwhile, vehicles are things we take for granted, even huge great, smelly diesel, early-morning-noisy garbage trucks. Meanwhile, elsewhere in the … Continue reading

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Energy/Electricity Zero Carbon

Find out how Zero Carbon electricity, baseload supply, can supply all of Australia, with total installation time of 10 years, at the cost of 1 cup of coffee per person per day. Just download the plan at: Converting ancient, … Continue reading

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