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Here’s the first place to go to find out about the endlessly repeated nonsense from climate change deniers. Skeptical Science is a site attached to University of Queensland and acclaimed around the world.

SECCCA(South East Councils Climate Change Alliance) – eight Councils in SE region, responding to climate change, project in greenhouse gas abatement, sequestration and adaptation.

BZE purpose is research  into energy options, for electricity supply, transportation and buildings, from which proposals are generated to show viability of zero carbon renewables.

SolarCitizens purpose is to mobilise people, to solarcitizens
stimulate debate and activity, in communities, to make sure our leaders understand changing opinion, other than that of big fossil fuel corporations and lobbyists

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  1. David Arnault says:

    Hi, I attended the Friday night event at the Town Hall in Wonthaggi. It was a well-organised event and it was a good opportunity to connect with others. I’m from Mirboo North and I feel our two shires (South Gippsland and Bass Coast) might be able to create a bulwark against the nonsense coming out of Spring Street and Canberra. I hope so.
    david arnaul

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