About GroundSwell Bass Coast

Escalator500We’re a community group concerned with understanding the many dimensions of climate change, located 120km SE of Melbourne. We meet at San Remo pub, at 7.30PM on alternate Tuesdays, everybody welcome. Please click Climate Emergency Petition to help make climate a big election issue.

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Like a furnace, weather next week

How good is this after PM & Co so condescending about Climate Emergency at COP25 Madrid?


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What Albanese could have said: we lied – Australian coalmines have no future

Richard Flanagan imagines an alternative speech from the Labor leader this week as the climate crisis rages
— Read on amp.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2019/dec/12/what-albanese-could-have-said-we-lied-australian-coalmines-have-no-future

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AEMO maps out path to 90 per cent renewables for Australia by 2040 | RenewEconomy

Australia will need at least 30GW of new wind and solar capacity to replace expected coal generator retirements, over the next two decades, and up to 47GW in the case of a “step change” scenario.
— Read on reneweconomy.com.au/aemo-maps-out-path-to-90-per-cent-renewables-for-australia-by-2040-2040/

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Renewables supply 30% of NEM demand over entire week for first time

Say no more…nudge, nudge @angustaylor.com.au

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It’s the climate, not immigration, that keeps Australians awake at night

We’re even shy of confessing to strangers that we don’t much like Christians – only 4% would own up to that on the telephone in 2019, but 14% said so clearly online.


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Scott Morrison and the big lie about climate change: does he think we’re that stupid?

As Australia burns, what we are witnessing nationally is no more or less than the criminalisation of democracy in defence of the coal and gas industries..

….Richard Flanagan, inspires us again.


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World’s largest “green” hydrogen pilot commences operation

But Austria, not Australia, look out for Ronny Raygun type confusion by Trump


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Reviving The “Tesla Deathwatch” — With A Totally Different Spin

Will GM/FORD survive EV transition?


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Nitrogen fertilisers are incredibly efficient, but they make climate change a lot worse

265 times more effective at trapping heat in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide and depletes our ozone layer; also still there 100 years later.


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Battlelines drawn over Australia’s hydrogen ‘fork in the road’

Energy Minister Lily D’Ambrosio said clean hydrogen … benefits across our economy

How can mega $ on brown hydrogen, prolonging agony with brown coal, compete with wind and sun power?


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