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Escalator500We’re a community group concerned with understanding the many dimensions of climate change, located 120km SE of Melbourne. We meet at San Remo pub, at 7.30PM on alternate Tuesdays, everybody welcome. Please click Climate Emergency Petition to help make climate a big election issue.

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How will mass extinction hit Australia? – Late Night Live – ABC RN

How wide range of mass extinction consequences conspiring catastrophe in our backyard. Recommended.


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Climate Emergency how did we get here?

As Climate Emergency hits headlines around the world, here’s the history, by David Spratt, with concern about risk of it being hijacked by national governments, when original design is to enable much more citizen participation with local government first, so that later engagement with Regional and National is less prone to being undermined by pork barreling.


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How do we go on?

Highly recommended good read:


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Investment bank cuts Adani links after pressure from environmentalists

Another biggie, Rothschild.


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Federal election 2019: Climate change policies could decide outcome


With the health sector accounting for 7 per cent of Australia’s emissions — more than the waste and industry processes sectors — CAHA says the health impacts of climate change aren’t being recognised.

Ms Armstrong said policies were “woefully inadequate”, with inaction putting “lives at risk”.


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Why protesters should be wary of ’12 years to climate breakdown’ rhetoric


..and the average is about seven tonnes of fossil CO₂ per person in Europe). Then multiply by £200 per tonne of CO₂, and suggest the parents pop that amount into a trust fund in case their kids have to clean up after them in the 2040s.

If the parents reply, “don’t worry, dear, that’s what we pay taxes for”, youngsters should ask them who they voted for in the last election and whether spending their taxes on solving climate change featured prominently in that party’s manifesto.

Get angry by all means, but get angry for the right reasons. Action is long overdue, but to a British public sunbathing in February, weird though that was, it doesn’t feel like an emergency. Middle-aged critics would much rather quibble over the scale of climate impacts (as if they have any right to say what climate young people should have to put up with) than talk about the clean-up bill.

Climate change is not so much an emergency as a festering injustice. Your ancestors did not end slavery by declaring an emergency and dreaming up artificial boundaries on “tolerable” slave numbers. They called it out for what it was: a spectacularly profitable industry, the basis of much prosperity at the time, founded on a fundamental injustice. It’s time to do the same on climate change

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Our carbon budget is all but spent, but who in Canberra is counting?


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Fixing the gap between Labor’s greenhouse gas goals and their policies | RenewEconomy


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Climate change protesters are telling us the deadly truth

from Financial Times:


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World first: All Oslo taxis will be electric and charging wirelessly from 2023 | The Driven

If only … will our lot be more likely to sponsor coal powered taxis?


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