About GroundSwell Bass Coast

Escalator500We’re a community group concerned with understanding the many dimensions of climate change, located 120km SE of Melbourne. We meet at San Remo pub, at 7.30PM on alternate Tuesdays, everybody welcome. Please click Climate Emergency Petition to help make climate a big election issue.

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 new doc film shows how renewable energy recharges communities


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Easiest Way To Counterattack Russia — Go Electric

How about this for an argument to convince our federal government to reduce our dependency on “their” foreign oil based fuel and offer incentives to switch to cars burning “our” electric fuel, especially zero carbon renewables?


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James Hansen: Can Carbon Capture Work?

Recent headlines grab about CO2 conversion into fuel has raised delusions with some folks but Hansen finds reported costings wildly optimistic. It’s much cheaper to not make emissions mess than cop the cost of clean up. Without clean up, CO2 blanket is up there for thousands of years.


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NSW grid struggles as coal goes missing after bad trips : RenewEconomy

But will this be included in determination of whatever the NEG becomes.


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Why there will be no new petrol cars sold in Australia by 2027 : RenewEconomy

Time for Australians to find love affair with other than cars


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Leichhardt shopping centre to add 430kW solar car shade | One Step Off The Grid

If we must have cars and car parks, lets get this kind of value


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Tracking the battles for environmental justice: here are the world’s top 10

A big picture view of how much damage we’re doing


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Fossil fuels’ dirty secret: Things look bad, climate action or not : RenewEconomy

Renewables get cheaper while remaining fossil fuels more expensive to extract and no more than 20% can be extracted without Planet total disaster. Fossils are GFC2.


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Government urged to stop Great Barrier Reef tree-clearing ‘frenzy


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Tesla leads charge against generators over market access

How big storage has undercut bonanza with peak demand prices and incumbents lobbying to block further transition to renewables, storage and distributed energy.


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