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Escalator500We’re a community group concerned with understanding the many dimensions of climate change, located 120km SE of Melbourne. We meet at San Remo pub, at 7.30PM on alternate Tuesdays, everybody welcome. Please click Climate Emergency Petition to help make climate a big election issue.

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Tiny new electric car beats Tesla Model 3, again, in China

New data shows China sales of the super cheap Wuling Hong Guang Mini almost doubled those of Telsa’s hugely popular Model 3 in January 2021.
— Read on thedriven.io/2021/02/26/tiny-new-electric-car-beats-tesla-model-3-again-in-china/amp/

sold 25,778 models in China in January, compared to 13,843 for the Tesla Model 3.

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Wood Mackenzie sees big potential for floating offshore wind in Asia-Pacific region

Floating offshore wind could be the next frontier in wind power development in the Asia Pacific with almost limitless potential.
— Read on ieefa.org/wood-mackenzie-sees-big-potential-for-floating-offshore-wind-in-asia-pacific-region/

So is Sun Cable project for power from NT to Singapore really viable? Here’s serious competition. Looks like lead time for wind turbine manufacturers might cause big delays.

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Renewable energy could render five of Australia’s remaining coal plants unviable by 2025

A new report suggests previous estimates understated the amount of cheap solar and wind energy entering the electricity market
— Read on www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2021/feb/24/renewable-energy-could-render-five-of-australias-remaining-coal-plants-unviable-by-2025

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India’s energy policy is key to the planet’s future

18 February, 2021 − India must adopt a clean energy policy, a real industrial revolution, if the world is to slow the rising climate crisis.
— Read on climatenewsnetwork.net/indias-energy-policy-is-key-to-the-planets-future/

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Explainer: Six ideas to limit global warming with solar geoengineering | Carbon Brief

Scientists agree that cutting global greenhouse emissions as soon as possible will be key to tackling global warming. But some researchers are now calling for more research into measures that could be taken alongside emissions cuts, including – controversially – the use of “solar geoengineering” technologies.
— Read on www.carbonbrief.org/explainer-six-ideas-to-limit-global-warming-with-solar-geoengineering

note – BAU is RCP8.5 which is least ambitious emission reduction from Paris agreement


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LNP evade and privatise responsibility for emission reduction


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“Gas simply not low emissions”: Labor opposes Taylor’s CEFC power grab

Federal Labor to vote against planned changes to CEFC’s investment mandate, saying it does not trust Angus Taylor with expanded powers.
— Read on reneweconomy.com.au/gas-simply-not-low-emissions-labor-opposes-taylors-cefc-power-grab/

Crazy Angus trying to rort again

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Water Rorts by Nats wrecks Murray-Darling

Comparison with wreckers of Aral Sea, National Party, with help of Libs, nothing less than evil reckless exploitation of Nature.
— Read on www.youtube.com/embed/pINHLYx02O0

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Delta turns down Taylor’s $8.7 million grant for Vales Point upgrades

“The proposed legislation would also expand the investment mandate of the CEFC, using a wider definition of ‘low emissions technology’ that could see the green bank invest in gas projects, “including those operating at a loss.”!!
— Read on reneweconomy.com.au/delta-turns-down-taylors-8-7-million-grant-for-vales-point-upgrades/amp/

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What Does the World After Capitalism Look Like?

What happened — and if you’re not American, and you just want to get to the actual good part, skip all this — was this. Reddit, little old Reddit, beat… the big bad hedge funds!! Amazing, right…
— Read on eand.co/our-civilization-needs-a-new-economy-or-it-dies-fbacb514e4c2

beyond UBI(Universal Basic Income) for people, as NZ recently gave legal status of “personhood” to a river, proposal in this story is that each and every natural asset should have the same, so humans might stop destructive vandalising

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