About GroundSwell Bass Coast

Escalator500We’re a community group concerned with understanding the many dimensions of climate change, located 120km SE of Melbourne. We meet at San Remo pub, at 7.30PM on alternate Tuesdays, everybody welcome. Please click Climate Emergency Petition to help make climate a big election issue.

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22 states sue Trump over repeal of Obama-era power plant rules

How much longer?


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Global engineering firm Aurecon cuts ties with Adani amid pressure from activists

And now protest attention to GHD; also their bank finance arrangements with Westpac and HSBC. Adani says all is going ahead but don’t you feel sorry for workers as “independent contractors” with arrears that so rarely get paid?


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Closures Major Coal Plants Show How Coal Industry Dying Faster Than Expected

Even larger newer coal fired stations can’t compete, closing earlier than ever.


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Adani group: How one billionaire could keep three countries hooked on coal for decades

Comprehensive review shenanigans by Gautam Adani to drastically increase emissions when it’s now desperate for peak to arrive by end 2020.

“Throw enough subsidies and anything can be viable,” said Tim Buckley, an analyst at the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis. “If they did not have special treatment back in India they wouldn’t be able to use expensive Australian sourced coal viably.”


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Light, flexible panel burns the rule book on where PV can be installed

These panels weigh in at an impressively lean 2.4 kg up to around 8.2 kg (5.3 – 18 lb). Comparative traditional glass solar panels, with similar output can weigh 20 kg (44 lb) or more. In addition, the eArche can be made semi-transparent, which will be of interest to many an architect
Dr. Shi has a long history in the solar industry, both in Australia where he earned his PhD and in China. Shi was an early solar innovator and leveraged his know-how to become one of the first solar billionaires, earning him the nickname, the Sun King.


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Why everyone should know that ‘Baldies’ can help save the planet

It’s about other than renewables, Stupid. Why obsess about new sources of energy if our houses and infrastructure leak, as well as not storing?


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Energy Vault Lands $110M From SoftBank’s Vision Fund for Gravity Storage

Like pumped hydro but hirise stacking of blocks to store energy, compact and distributed.


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Climate Change “Contrarians” Get 49 Percent More Media Coverage Than Leading Scientists

Is blind faith belief really more convincing than fact?


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How plans for new coal are changing around the world

Our hard right are so positive about the future if coal but here’s proper analysis that planned and even approved new plants are not seeing daylight.


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Coalition government report predicts half new car sales will be electric by 2035

Here are major projections, from government commissioned report, for sales success with EV’s(electric vehicles) in Australia, as with solar, despite Federal Government.

How much longer will grifter Angus Taylor last as Minister for Energy(and emissions reduction(pretending))? Will he recognise, eventually, that EV’s are the most powerful kind of standby power station he can ever get? Or will he ban EV’s to prove that coal fired can do all that’s needed?


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