About GroundSwell Bass Coast

Escalator500We’re a community group concerned with understanding the many dimensions of climate change, located 120km SE of Melbourne. We meet at San Remo pub, at 7.30PM on alternate Tuesdays, everybody welcome. Please click Climate Emergency Petition to help make climate a big election issue.

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Four former Fed chairs call for US carbon tax | Financial Times

How unbelievable that royalty from US Federal Reserve call for carbon tax? Seems even they can now see need for major action, with tax, otherwise known as fee-and-dividend, not tax, paid by users but reimbursed by tax department, is preferable to regulators, ones with teeth.


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Last night was Australia’s hottest on record – ABC News


When it comes to heatwaves, the night-time temperature is important. If it stays above the mid-20s, overnight sleep can become difficult because the body needs to actively work to cool itself down.

Monash University climate scientist Stephanie Jacobs said the best strategy to help reduce night-time temperatures was to plant trees and vegetation and keep them watered.

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Jellyfish are causing mayhem as pollution, climate change see numbers boom – ABC/RN

…the first threat to the electric system in Japan is earthquakes, but the second is jellyfish


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Most coffee species at risk of extinction due to climate change, scientists warn – Science News – ABC News

It’s estimated around 25 million smallholders produced 80 per cent of the world’s coffee. But wild coffee species are especially sensitive to climate change..Supplied: Alan Schaller, Union Hand-Roasted Coffee

You might also want to sit down before reading this. And maybe grab another latte while you still can.


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An ocean of evidence on warming is our cue to take action – now

Over 90 per cent of the heat trapped in the climate system by increasing greenhouse gas concentrations from our burning of fossil fuels is stored in the oceans.

When will we recognise that lack of climate action means we’re living on dangerously borrowed time?


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And let’s not forget this send up by Clark and Dawe

After 30 years of ever more convincing facts about climate change, with such disappointing effect, please check how Clark and Dawe can communicate a difference

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Send up song of pathetic climate policies by Morrison government

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What’s your plan to survive extreme heat?

They always say that infants and elderly are most at risk. Why? The human body is not so good at regulating its temperature. It gets much worse if it’s hard work to keep topping up to prevent dehydration. Even worse again if you choose to not do so because it hurts to struggle to the toilet. That’s when you nod off, then coma, then organ failure and never never land.


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The Leap Manifesto

Initiative from Canada:

Small steps are no longer effective to get us where we need to go. The Leap is now urgent before it gets impossibly expensive to arrest climate change.

“Call for a Canada Based on Caring for the Earth and One Another


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Supreme Court issues ‘crushing blow’ to Exxon in major climate case, legal experts say – ThinkProgress


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