About GroundSwell Bass Coast

Escalator500We’re a community group concerned with understanding the many dimensions of climate change, located 120km SE of Melbourne. We meet at San Remo pub, at 7.30PM on alternate Tuesdays, everybody welcome. Please click Climate Emergency Petition to help make climate a big election issue.

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Evolution v. addiction Coal

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Stop BP deep drilling in Great Australian Bight

Before BP Deep Water Horizon rig fire disaster in Gulf of Mexico, Australia had a similar disaster with Montara rig, offshore north WA. Of course, there’s no disaster recovery equipment here at all. Minister Martin Ferguson, now advocate for expanding petrochem industry, supposedly established a regulatory body to make sure of decent design and execution by drilling companies. Much noise gets made and even budgets established but did anything ever get done?

>more> Greenpeace

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Person status protects river in new NZ law

A long river cuts a valley through a forested landscape.

The New Zealand government is planning on giving the country’s third largest river the same rights as a citizen. It’s part of a legal revolution recognising the Maori connection to the environment and shifting assumptions about human control of the natural world. Until 2014, Te Urewera in the Hawkes Bay region of New Zealand’s North Island was a national park. The Act removed the land’s national park status and granted it legal personhood, giving it the same rights as any citizen.
Professor Jacinta Ruru laughs when she describes the Te Urewera Act as a ‘beautiful piece of legislation’. It certainly isn’t your average piece of legalese.’This new act that moves that Te Urewera land from the national park regime puts it into its own place because it owns itself. Maori don’t own, the New Zealand government doesn’t own this land. It is its own person, it cannot be owned.’

>more> ABC RadioNational

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Unravelling myth of “carbon budget” for 1.5C

Highly recommended to read in full per link below.
A number of carbon budgets for 1.5°C have been published. Three are shown in Table 1. most frequently quoted case is the third listed (Table 2.2. of AR5 WG1 Synthesis report). The figure of 400 GtCO2 from 2011 is based on a “threshold exceedance budget” or TEB.  But this is an overestimate, as Carbon Brief explains:

“(the TEB) assumes that emissions stop immediately once the threshold temperature is reached, which is essentially impossible in the real world. It also assumes there is no further warming once emissions have stopped, yet recent research shows this isn’t the case, says Dr Joeri Rogelj, a research scholar at the Energy Program of the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), who is lead author on the Nature Climate Change study. He explains to Carbon Brief: ‘This means these (TEB) budgets are a bit of an overestimate of the carbon we have left to burn because temperatures would continue to warm for about a decade after we stopped emitting CO2’.” (14)

In the Nature Climate Change paper, the authors say that: “The TEB approach thus leads to a consistent overestimate of the CO2 budget compatible with a given temperature limit…” (15)

In summary, the first two lines of evidence show that we already have no carbon left for 1.5°C from 2017 onwards. A sensible risk-management approach would take the more conservative end of the ranges. And the third line of evidence — showing fours years left — is an overestimation.

Coal-ition doesn’t dispute science, so tell them it’s time they acted on it.

>more> ClimateCodeRed

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Momentum builds for Port Augusta solar tower

Despite fossil fuel sector’s recent attack on South Australia’s renewable energy leadership, momentum is building for our country’s first solar thermal tower in Port Augusta. Testament to success of the grassroots Repower Port Augusta campaign and the viability of the solar thermal in the region, has brought pioneering U.S. company SolarReserve to hold public meeting in Port Augusta last night (Monday September 12).


  • Show your support for the Port Augusta community by signing their community petition.
  • If you’re passionate about solar power and want to defend SA’s renewable energy leadership, then you might like to take the Pledge to Defend Renewables.

    >more> Yes2Renewables
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World rank low R and D subsidy fossils not renewable energy

TAI 2Australia winner medals gold, silver and bronze for R&D subsidy to ancient fossil fuel industry. But gold only for 2013, when 2013 established. Sixty-eight per cent of Labor voters want the Senate to block the cuts and amazingly, a greater number of Coalition voters want the Senate to block the cuts than support the Senate passing them. There was majority opposition in every state.

>more> Crikey

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Solar Delivers Cheapest Electricity ‘Ever, Anywhere, By Any Technology’

Chile has just contracted for the cheapest unsubsidized power plant in the world, Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) reports. In last week’s energy auction, Chile accepted a bid from Spanish developer Solarpack Corp. Tecnologica for 120 megawatts of solar at the stunning price of $29.10 per MWh (2.91 cents per kilowatt-hour or kWh). This beats the 2.99 cents/kWh bid Dubai received recently for 800 Megawatts. For context, average residential price for electricity in the United States is 12 cents per kilowatt-hour.

>more> ThinkProgress

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Shine a light on Reef – “Reef not Coal rally” Melbourne

Shine a light on the Reef Reef not Coal rally MelbourneGood turnout at short notice for rally against federal court decision that Greg Hunt had complied with legal process in granting permit to Adani for gigantic coal mine in Galilee Basin.

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Adani should bow out from Carmichael coal mine

A long list of banks and other funding sources have announced they won’t finance the project. It gets worse. The Carmichael mine is part of a larger plan to develop five megamines in the Galilee Basin. The economics of the rail line and port expansion needed to transport coal from Carmichael depend on the assumption that the costs will be shared across these mines. But these projects are in far worse straits than Adani’s…Adani should admit that this economically and environmentally disastrous project will never go ahead, and focus its attention completely on the renewable energy technologies in which it is already a major player.

Note – check original By Prof John Quiggin, then ask yourself, again, why is anybody still talking about this fantasy?

>more> TheConversation

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Arctic Cruise Liner review

This week, a massive, luxury cruise liner departed from Anchorage, Alaska, on the first leg of a 32-day cruise through the Northwest Passage. More than 15 years ago, scientists found ecosystem around
Aleutian Islands had completely shifted. A small rise in water temperatures had triggered collapse of plankton and krill populations, resulting in domino effect up the food chain, until the seals, and then the otters, were gone. The sea urchin population exploded, destroying the kelp beds, which, in turn, had housed food for seabirds and other animals.“All of this change has the possibility to impact food security.”… more than a dozenfull-fledged hurricanes between June and December.
…Black carbon — which, unsurprisingly, is emitted through the burning of dirty fuels — is black. It floats through the air and lands on ice. The black particles heat up in the sun. The ice melts with the warmth. The melted ice exposes the ocean (at sea) or darker ground (on land) below, which heat up in the sun. More ice melts…Crystal Serenity passengers, who paid upwards of $40,000 for the cruise, and will pay an addition $600 for the day trip, will fly from the ship to Shishmaref for a “Study in Global Warming.”

>more> ThinkProgress

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