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Australia – Ranked 130th in Global Sustainability Index

Welcome to the Earth.Org Global Sustainability Index Australia, where Earth.Org examines the policies and actions regarding the environment of every nation on earth. — Read on earth.org/global_sustain/australia-ranked-130th-in-global-sustainability-index/

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Brief history of Canada’s stunning about-face on Climate Change

Newly elected Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and President Obama are expected to sign onto a joint climate change strategy…will likely touch on automotive fuel standards and include measures to spur the adoption of electric vehicles…As a candidate, Justin Trudeau promised to end subsidies for … Continue reading

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Gas death spiral will not help power utilities

Expected saving, on annual cost of energy, is as much as 99%(!!) by retrofit of new inverter technology, reverse cycle, split systems, to replace gas central heating and evaporative water cooling. It’s possible that 99% is an exaggeration but numbers … Continue reading

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The solution to Barnett’s unfair fixed charges

Here’s a good pice of analysis for how electricity billing could work, fairly and avoiding panic manoeuvres, by WA’s Barnett and other State Premiers to penalise households with solarPV. >readmore> ClimateSpectator

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Coal’s crippling demand roadblock

Why demand for coal is down and staying down and big, new Australian projects need to be shelved. >readmore> ClimateSpectator

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How Germany cut SO2 emissions by 84%?

SO2 emissions caused massive acid rain pollution in  1980’s. Technology was grown from zero in 10 years to cut by 84%. In more recent UNFCCC negotiations about CO2, it was USA which objected to a tax, insisting on benefits of free … Continue reading

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Power demand drop, coal out, renewables in

Despite current loud rantings by the opposition, saying that Carbon Tax has done nothing to reduce emissions, here’s a report, based on latest NEM data, to show a decrease of more than 6% in last 12 months. Brown coal power … Continue reading

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World Bank President On Climate Crisis: ‘If No Action Soon, Future Will Become Bleak’

If the World Bank is so concerned then it’s surely time to write, phone and hustle our politicians. >read more news story> >get World bank report> PS from news story comments : How about an international moratorium on all new fossil … Continue reading

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Nicholas Stern: ‘I got it wrong on climate change – it’s far, far worse’

Lord Stern is the economist responsible for 450ppm CO2 target, with 50/50 chance of global warming less than 2 degC. Scientists get it right. Politicians and economockeryists keep getting it wrong. >read source story>

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Extreme weather cost of ignoring climate change

Imagine losing your house, contents, even lives near and dear. Then not being able to afford to rebuild and/or insure. So you might even lose life long savings. This is what many of us risk, as we take so little … Continue reading

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