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Stanford scientist unveils 50-state plan to transform U.S. to renewable energy

Stanford University scientist Mark Jacobson has developed a 50-state roadmap for transforming the United States from dependence on fossil fuels to 100 percent renewable energy by 2050. He unveiled the plan at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science … Continue reading

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King Island achieves 100% renewables for 33 hours straight

Success in nearby backyard sets example. No reason we can’t make it happen in our  backyard. >more> RenewEconomy

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Report says World can go 100 % RE by 2050

Greenpeace Report says world can be 100 percent renewable by 2050, and 85 percent renewable in just 15 years…2015 Energy [R]evolution report, the latest in a series that has offered the most accurate projections of any major analysis, worldwide, says, for … Continue reading

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Germany Just Got 78 Percent Of Its Electricity From Renewable Sources

In sunny and windy Australia, imagine feeling proud, rather than embarrassed, if our leaders could even comprehend this accomplishment in Germany! >more> ThinkProgress

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An Alaskan island goes 100% renewable

Imagine renewables in the Australian Island Continent, blessed with so much raw solar and wind, lagging behind such a far northern neighbour as Alaska. “As most Alaskans can attest, energy in The Last Frontier is expensive. The average residential electricity … Continue reading

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Palo Alto switches to 100% renewables – at a cost of $3 a year

Imagine an American city being able to say this – “But, as PaloAltoPatch notes, being the owner of all of its energy utilities has given the city an advantage in the low-carbon stakes – the autonomy to make decisions based strictly on … Continue reading

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Possibility to get payment to store electricity from the grid!

Looks like things are moving right along, in more progressive parts of the world, where they actually have the smarts enabled in smart meters! Electrovaya launches Li-ion residential energy storage system; 3 kWh – 20 kWh >read more>

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Energy/Negawatts – Germany, electricity prices equalt but costs 50% LESS than Oz!!

Brace for an electric shock is the headline to this story at Climate Spectator. Despite Germany being a colder climate than Australia and despite that it’s considered to be expensive, in general, and despite our media “war on truth” which … Continue reading

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Energy/CST Solar – Big win in Las Vegas

Even the big gambling town now believes in CST(Concentrated Solar Thermal) for electricity 24 hours/day, as reported at: Las Vegas Solar

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Energy/BigSolar-Success in Spain

If you need evidence that 100% renewable electricity has now arrived, here’s a link to video news about big CST(Concentrated Solar Thermal) plant, with molten salt storage, to keep steam turbine electricity running overnight: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7q9enAe7zjQ&feature=youtu.be by Bernie McComb

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