Report says World can go 100 % RE by 2050

Greenpeace Report says world can be 100 percent renewable by 2050, and 85 percent renewable in just 15 years…2015 Energy [R]evolution report, the latest in a series that has offered the most accurate projections of any major analysis, worldwide, says, for the first time, path to 100% renewable is cost-neutral. In addition, no new technological advancements are needed…”primary premise of Energy [R]evolution scenario is we have all of the solutions already on the table to get there.” CO2 emissions would stabilize by 2020 and approach zero in 2050…Cost of developing RE(renewable energy) sources has fallen steeply in recent years… fuel savings are “cost neutral” with investment in RE, Rochon said. Amazingly, this is possible even though worldwide, governments pay $5.3 trillion annually to subsidize fossil fuels…“Despite  playing field isn’t level, tilted in the favor of fossil fuels, RE is still winning,” Rochon told ThinkProgress…Policies that support RE, such as federal tax credits and net metering for residential solar installations, are considered critical drivers of RE industries in USA. The solar industry’s tax credit is set to expire at the end of 2016. None of the fossil fuel tax credits are set to expire at this time…“An RE future is within reach,” Rochon said. “It’s really up to our political leaders to say, yes, and we can do the work to get there.”

For local comment here, it’s already too late for climate to revert to how we liked it a couple or 3 decades ago. At recent presentation, Prof David Karoly was asked if he was confident that 450ppm CO2 and 2 degC warming would not be exceeded. We’re already past 450! Mainstream media only tmentions CO2, just passing 400ppm. But David advises that when you add CO2e for other greenhouse gases, we’re already past 450ppm. So it’s time to get really loud and cranky with our leaders if a few of us want privilege of fighting for survival as as deep cave dwellers.

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