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Solar squeezes out coal to set new record low for demand on national grid | RenewEconomy

June 2022 quarter found black coal-fired generation at its lowest second-quarter output since the NEM commenced in 1998, driven by outages, bidding changes and fuel supply constraints. — Read on reneweconomy.com.au/solar-squeezes-out-coal-to-set-new-record-low-for-demand-on-national-grid/ June 2022 quarter found second-quarter coal-fired generation at its … Continue reading

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Australia’s climate failures could double spiralling debt costs, government modeling shows

Government modelling shows failure to act on climate change could add tens of billions of dollars a year to cost of servicing Australia’s spiralling debt. — Read on reneweconomy.com.au/australias-climate-failures-could-double-spiralling-debt-costs-government-modelling-shows/ say no more, nod’s as good as a wink

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Huge solar and battery park to replace Victorian coal backed by CEFC and super fund

reneweconomy.com.au/huge-solar-and-battery-park-to-replace-victorian-coal-backed-by-cefc-and-super-fund/ Wonderful news, actual leadership!

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“Terrible outcome:” Cannon-Brookes walks away from AGL after higher bid rejected

Updated: Cannon-Brookes and Brookfield to withdraw AGL bid after Australia’s biggest coal generator rejects increased offer pitched late on Friday. — Read on reneweconomy.com.au/cannon-brookes-raises-bid-for-australias-biggest-coal-polluter-but-agl-says-no-again/ RIP board at AGL! You could have shown leadership to the world. It really is time … Continue reading

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Cannon-Brookes says AGL bid may be “unicorn” for cheaper, faster energy transition

Mike Cannon-Brookes says the bid for AGL is designed to create a faster, cheaper and less risky transition to green energy, and could be a model for future transactions. — Read on reneweconomy.com.au/cannon-brookes-says-agl-bid-may-be-unicorn-for-cheaper-faster-energy-transition/ coal really does need to get out … Continue reading

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Fully renewable grid by 2030, no new coal or gas: CEC lays down new roadmap

Clean Energy Council calls on Australia’s political leaders to commit to a 100% renewable electricity grid by 2030, and no new coal or gas plants. — Read on reneweconomy.com.au/fully-renewable-grid-by-2030-no-new-coal-or-gas-cec-lays-down-new-roadmap/ Totally convincing as long as incumbent Feds are dumped and @AlboMP … Continue reading

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Ultra-low cost solar “stretch goal” gets federal funding boost

ARENA opens up to $40m in funding to expressions of interest from projects that promise to materially reduce the levelised cost of solar. — Read on reneweconomy.com.au/ultra-low-cost-solar-stretch-goal-gets-federal-funding-boost/ “ARENA said the R&D funding program would be aligned with the Agency’s own … Continue reading

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New ARENA funding round to help plug one of last gaps to 100% renewables grid

Grid forming inverters – mostly likely hosted in battery storage installations – are seen as crucial to supply the system strength and other key grid services traditionally delivered by coal, gas and other spinning machinery. — Read on reneweconomy.com.au/new-arena-fund-to-help-plug-one-of-last-gaps-to-100-pct-renewables-grid/

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Early exit for coal as National Electricity Market prepares for renewable future

Coal-fired power generators are expected to shut down nearly three times faster than previously anticipated and exit the National Energy Market entirely by 2043, according to an updated plan that follows widespread consultation with the sector. — Read on http://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-12-09/early-coal-exit-national-electricity-market-renewables/100687644 “Large-scale … Continue reading

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There’s an enormous geothermal pool under the Latrobe Valley that can give us cheap, clean energy

It’s 650 metres below the surface, across 6,000 square kilometres – and has been overlooked for far too long. — Read on theconversation.com/theres-an-enormous-geothermal-pool-under-the-latrobe-valley-that-can-give-us-cheap-clean-energy-166829 But will there be any approval to develop big project like this if there’s nothing to create … Continue reading

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