GoldmanSachs v Nuke Power Peddlers – Claim Cheap Renewable Energy Is A Bad Thing

For benefit of PM Turnbull(ex partner at Goldman) – Here’s what Goldman Sachs expects to happen just over the next decade:


The result of this revolution, they conclude, is that “On our wind and solar numbers, emissions in IEA scenarios could peak as early as c.2020, rather than 2030.”..core conclusion from their new July 20 report, “The Low Carbon Economy: Our Thesis In 60 CHARTS” (emphasis in original):

In a debate that is often dominated by strong views on what should or couldhappen in the future, we let the numbers speak for themselves. In our eyes, a relatively clear picture is emerging from the data: Select low carbon technologies are rapidly taking market share in a number of sectors and are changing the way that energy is generated, stored and consumed across the global economy.

These technologies are now at a scale and growing at a pace that they deliver carbon emission savings at the gigatonne scale, but they are also transforming the competitive dynamics in industries like lighting, power generation and autos.

Renewables, efficiency, and electrification of transport have emerged as the big winners in the race to find the most affordable, scalable, carbon-free sources for power generation and travel. Many core technologies are growing exponentially while cost and performance steadily improve.

So, battery electric cars are winners, while hydrogen electric fuel cell cars, pitched with nuclear power, show no signs of improvement, for performance or price, lagging further behind. It’s getting ever more ASAP to get to zero emissions and below. Now, even Goldman thinks it’s possible.

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