Scam ethanol petrol LibNats NSW

Now the ethanol mix which most drivers have avoided over the past 10 years must be called 94, it must be prominently displayed and everyone must sell it..petrol grades.. 91 basic/rough, 98  fancy,and, like 3 bears, one in the middle, 95, was just right. But now it’s gone, replaced by ethanol blend on orders of the NSW government. Servo owners will face massive fine they don’t sell 94 or display/promote strongly…an ethanol producer is likely to rake in an extra $150 million each and every year from the changes. Manildra has been courting political parties, federal and state, with huge donations for more than 15 years…less energy density, you burn more of it, about 3% more than you do with a 91 blended fuel…Howard gave it an excise free status, effectively blocking any foreign competitors and granting the ethanol industry $895 million in federal largess. The NSW legislation will mandate that 6% of annual sales at all petrol stations must be pure ethanol, but that effectively equates to 60% of all fuel sales, as ethanol is generally mixed at 10%. Ethanol mandates are also coming into force in Queensland in July. Other states are being pressured to follow suit.

<Note – Howard also how crazy exemption LPG in cars, but not for households or shrine BBQs?>

>more> ABC RN

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