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‘Zero return’: government savaged over taxpayer grants to open up new gas basin in Australia

Coalition funding for gas exploration in Northern Territory labelled a costly plan ‘for a climate catastrophe’ — Read on http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2020/dec/19/zero-return-government-savaged-over-taxpayer-grants-to-open-up-new-gas-basin-in-australia Beyond disgraceful! $7.5 million PER WELL for gas mining, $2.5 BILLION for oil refineries, and a proposal to limit boycotts … Continue reading

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Scam ethanol petrol LibNats NSW

Now the ethanol mix which most drivers have avoided over the past 10 years must be called 94, it must be prominently displayed and everyone must sell it..petrol grades.. 91 basic/rough, 98  fancy,and, like 3 bears, one in the middle, 95, … Continue reading

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