Democracy – will school kids come to its rescue before it’s completely ripped off?

Will ScoMo agenda for G20 include scrapping tax write offs for shonky loans to/from transnationals?

But imagine how much money they save us, as they pay our political parties, to privatise more and shrink the size of always inefficient government sector?


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Australia’s top 10 tax dodgers: EnergyAustralia

Assets previously owned by SECV, Gas and Fuel etc, Energy Australia paid $0 tax in last 4 years. Expect they’re generous enough in donations to help privatise government. Wasn’t democracy an interesting experiment?


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The Supreme Court is about to kick America’s democratic death spiral into overdrive

Now that political donations are unlimited, as well as being anonymous, the 1% of 1% of population have bought themselves never ending tax reductions and exemptions. More importantly, with Supreme Court now swung to far right, latest news is that Washington can’t change State authority over gerrymandering electoral boundaries, which is why George W and so many others win, thanks to “college system”, when they don’t have more votes.

Forecast is 50% of population expected to live in 8 States, and 80% in 16 States. There might be proportional representation in Congress but 2 Senators for each State no matter how few folks still there. Least populated States are dominated by Republican. So democracy might get sensible bills through balanced lower house but ways get blocked at Senate. So look forward to more guns, wars, nukes etc.


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Coalition ramps up scare campaign against climate action, renewables

Minister Angus Taylor – COALition scare campaign just too silly for words:


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Measures of Australia’s Progress, 2010

Curious set of not so beautiful numbers from Australia Bureau of Stats:

Different sectors of the economy, and human activities, contribute to the release and capture of greenhouse gas emissions, and the removal of such emissions in different ways and by various amounts. Of the various sectors, the energy sector produces the majority of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions, accounting for about three-quarters (76%) of net emissions in 2008 (DCCEE 2010b).

Emissions from the energy sector increased by 44% between 1990 and 2008. Greenhouse gas emissions from the energy sector correlate with economic activity and are largely driven by population growth, economic growth and increased household income.

Within the energy sector, energy industries was the largest source of emissions (54%) relating to the combustion of fossil fuels, followed by transport activity (19%). Transport contributed 80.2 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent gas or 15% of Australia’s net emissions in 2008. Emissions from the transport industry were 29% higher in 2008 than in 1990 (DCCEE 2010b). Road transport was the main source of transport emissions in 2008, accounting for 69.2 million tonnes, or 13% of national emissions. Passenger cars were the largest transport source, contributing 41.6 million tonnes (DCCEE 2010a).

The agriculture sector was the next largest contributor to Australia’s net greenhouse gas emissions. Agriculture produces most of Australia’s methane and nitrous oxide emissions. The agriculture sector emitted 58% and 76% of Australia’s methane and nitrous oxide emissions, respectively, in 2008 (DCCEE 2010b).

Emissions from the agriculture sector have stayed reasonably constant over time, with a maximum of 98.0 million tonnes in 2001 and a minimum of 84.7 million tonnes in 1993. A constant level however, has resulted in a fall in its proportion of total emissions, contributing 18.6% of total emissions in 1998 and 15.9% in 2008 (DCCEE 2010b).

to ABS

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Emissions reduction fund contracts worth $24m cancelled after failure to deliver cuts

Looks like all care with just a tiny smidge of responsibility. But makes you wonder how much of rest of taxpayer $2.5Billion is propping up shonky deals.


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Energy analysts forecast ‘the end of coal’ in Asia as Japanese investors back renewables

Of the proposed pipeline of coal power projects in Japan in 2015, figures from the Global Coal Plant tracker show three-quarters are now unlikely to proceed.…If Australia doesn’t understand that, if we as the exporter fail to transition our economy, we leave entire communities absolutely stranded and the workforce is not going to be protected by multinationals.

The Guardian

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Aerosols dampen pace of Arctic warming for now, say scientists

As Earth warms under increasing greenhouse gas emissions, temperatures have risen more quickly in the Arctic than

rest of the world. But particles emitted as fossil fuels are burned mask a lot of that warming. Without them, the temperature rise in the Arctic would be more than double what we’ve seen in the past century, a new study finds.


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How the Tesla big battery kept the lights on in South Australia

They say that lightning never strikes twice. But on August 25 last year a single lightning strike managed to take out two major circuits on the main transmission line linking NSW and Queensland.

The impact was almost immediate, and felt across Australia’s main grid. It caused load-shedding at a scale that made the much-talked about load shedding in Victoria in January’s heat wave look comparatively small beer.


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Get out now: Norway’s fossil fuel epiphany | RenewEconomy

Norway’s Government Pension Fund Global (GPFG), the world’s largest sovereign wealth fund, has decided to “sell.”

They have announced plans to divest from 134 oil and gas exploration and production companies held in its US$1 trillion investment fund.

more at RenewEconomy

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