Why blowing the 1.5C global warming goal will leave poor tropical nations sweating most of all

How sad is it that some people still think “more evidence is needed” before action must be taken to reverse global warming? Do they really think we can do any more than ignore damage we’ve already inflicted on the Planet


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David Suzuki backlash ignores his prize-worthy science

Breakthrough science contribution by David Suzuki, attempts to discredit by advocates of dirtiest oil from tar sands


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Small global warming cuts offer huge savings


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Old fossils: What’s at stake if Australia ignores global EV transition : RenewEconomy

Not just cars… BYD in Shenzhen are building 2,000 electric buses per week. Shenzhen has replaced its whole diesel fleet with electric buses in just 2-3 years. Last time I was in Hong Kong (last April) I saw the city of Shenzhen’s skyline from Lantau Island for the first time in 5 years. Coincidence or less diesel fumes? BYD have recently opened an electric bus factory in California. Here’s a link…..


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Australia imports almost all of its oil, and there are pitfalls all over the globe

IEA directive we should construct 90 day buffer stock of vehicle fuels is not recent, as long ago as 1972, she’ll be right mate, plan by Minister F promised for Christmas


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Can Canberrans really live without fossil fuels

This is leadership, not just PV panels but reducing energy consumption, especially disconnecting from gas and conversion of transport to electric. Great leadership.


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Unions have plan to help close coal dinosaur Liddel, still Feds without any plan(s)?


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COALition no analysis damage to renewables investment after 2020 from feeble 26% emission reduction target

Check out @Mark_Butler_MP’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/Mark_Butler_MP/status/998868671110918144?s=09

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Analysis: Negative emissions tested at world’s first major BECCS facility | Carbon Brief

Ethanol digester plant not so carbon neutral


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Sea of life

We’re bringing on a mass extinction in the ocean and all life on Earth is in jeopardy.


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