Climate emergency future by Australian corporations – Hack – triplej

What a worry, climate emergency disruptions to business as usual expressed by big corporates. Conspicuously absent, vulnerable to sea level rise and storms, are our desalination plants protected? Must we keep up annual payments if they’re out of action?

triplej hacks

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Sydney storm: Western Sydney to be hit by worst of storm

Biggest insurance payouts are not for massive bush fires because they happen in places with not much private property. Biggest payout in recent times was when Sydney was hut with hail the size of golf balls. Biggest payout ever, for reinsurance companies, who place Australia in South Asia Pacific, was the earthquake in Christchurch NZ. This caused premium increases here.

Sydney Morning Herald

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Climate Emergency future according to Australian corporations

Amongst bad news predictions silver lining opportunities like “Climate-related developments may create an opportunity by increasing demand for CSL’s existing products”

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UK 38% CO2 emissions reduction

UK has reduced its CO2 emissions since 1990 faster and deeper than any other major developed nation. That’s a remarkable achievement. But what are the reasons behind this 38% reduction?

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Australia’s silence during climate change debate shocks COP24 delegates

Australia sided with big oil, our buddy USA of course but also Russia

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Australia is not on track to meet Paris emissions target – not without policy support | RenewEconomy

Looks like misguided headline grab by Blakers. Do little Morrison & Co will be celebrating need to do even less except pray for the drought.

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Taxpayers should not even think about funding Bill Gates proposed nukes

Nukes appear even less economic than previously

more at ThinkProgress

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The cheapest Chinese electric cars are coming to the US and Europe

say no more…

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The initiative #ChoirsForFuture

even everyone to be singing for the climate on Friday 15 March 2019.

All over the world people will be gathering under the hashtag #SingForClimateMar15 during a Global Climate Strike on 15 March 2019.

The Swedish #FridaysForFuture network has set a goal of creating gatherings in every single municipality in Sweden on the day –calling for climate legislation that are in accordance the Paris Agreement’s aspiration to keep average global temperature rise caused by our carbon emissions below 1.5°C degrees.

If you sing in a choir, talk with your choir leader whether the entire choir would like to join the campaign. Choir leaders may email Maria Peters for more information and inspiration.

Here is a #ChoirsForFuture sign-up form in Swedish language.

The Stockholm choirs will repeatedly be singing these four songs:

• Washington (Sure!)
• After the Goldrush (Patti Smith’s version of the Neil Young-classic)
• Earth Song (by Michael Jackson)
• People Gonna Rise Like the Water

You can listen to some of the songs on this Spotify list

» Watch videos about, with or inspired by Greta Thunberg

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Climate change to disrupt Australia’s summer sports calendar

Climate change means all sizes of sporting events need to be shifted from hottest months, or regions at risk of bush fire, or flood, or even unaffordable insurance.

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