‘Global deforestation hotspot’: 3M hectares of Australian forest to be lost in 15 years

Is this what a civilised country looks like?–“So what must they think of that then? That we’re bulldozing 45 million animals to death every year?” Both in Australia and around the world, habitat loss is by far the biggest threat to animals facing extinction.


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Australia gets UN to delete criticism of Murray-Darling basin plan from report

As extreme weather gets worse, how can responsible people continue to chuck $Billions at wrecking the Murray, mostly prolonging the agony for farmers, no benefit except for banks.


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It’s not too late to act on climate change

Paul Gilding again raises our hopes but, starting now, the rate at which we need to stop new and Drawdown previous emissions is 6 times the rate if we’d started 20 years ago. We really do need Climate Emergency response immediately, if not sooner.


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‘Revved up’: Land being cleared at rate of 14 football fields a day in northern NSW

When rehab of depleted forest is reckoned most effective for carbon Drawdown…can humanity get much worse?


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UN Secretary General: “We face a direct existential threat” on climate for “the emergency we face”

Is all humanity just going to let itself get marched over the cliff edge? Bernie.

UN Secretary General speech of 10 September 2018 (extracts)

“Climate change is the defining issue of our time – and we are at a defining moment. We face a direct existential threat…

“If we do not change course by 2020, we risk missing the point where we can avoid runaway climate change, with disastrous consequences for people and all the natural systems that sustain us.

“Far too few have acted with the vision the science demands. We see the results. In some situations, they are approaching scientists’ worst-case scenarios.

“As climate change intensifies, we will find it harder to feed ourselves. Extinction rates will spike as vital habitats decline. More and more people will be forced to migrate from their homes as the land they depend on becomes less able to support them. This is already leading to many local conflicts over dwindling resources.
“Humankind has confronted and overcome immense challenges before; challenges that have required us to work together and to put aside division and difference to fight a common threat. That is how the United Nations came into action. It is how we have to helped to end wars, to stop diseases, to reduce global poverty and to heal the ozone hole. Now we stand at an existential crossroad.”
“I have spoken of the emergency we face, the benefits of action and the feasibility of a climate-friendly transformation.”
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Revealed: the extent of job-swapping between public servants and fossil fuel lobbyists

Australia slips further down rankings, definitely now need Federal Anti-corruption IBAC


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Janet Yellen calls for US carbon tax | Financial Times

But will the leopard actually change its stripes?


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EU lawmakers back 45 percent CO2 cut for cars, vans by 2030 | Reuters

While our new PM no doubt aspires to coal fired cars.


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Forests cut warming better than technology

So stop it, before you go blind! There’s no other way. So much waste with BECCS, no Drawdown, not even carbon neutral.


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Many Major Airports Are Near Sea Level. A Disaster in Japan Shows What Can Go Wrong. – The New York Times

Do our leaders still play with idea of new international airport at Koo Wee Rup? Are they planning to recreate era of flying boats?


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