Federal government’s technology roadmap is a path we’ve already taken

How ridiculous sacking 20% CSIRO Energy staff in Feb!!!

If the government is really serious about progressing technologies to reduce emissions, then they need to show us ARENA’s money and independence from political interference.
— Read on www.canberratimes.com.au/story/6766928/federal-governments-technology-roadmap-is-a-path-weve-already-trodden/

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No rainforest, no monsoon: get ready for a warmer world | New Scientist

“Even under a low warming scenario, the frequency rises by 10 to 50 per cent,” says David Karoly of the University of Melbourne, who reviewed a range of wildfire projections. “We are unleashing hell in Australia”

The world could become 4 °C warmer in our lifetime – bringing hunger, deforestation, drought and floods
— Read on www.newscientist.com/article/dn17864-no-rainforest-no-monsoon-get-ready-for-a-warmer-world/

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Direct CO2 capture machines could use ‘a quarter of global energy’ in 2100

paper says as much as a fifth of the CO2 removed using DAC or other negative emissions technologies could be offset by the oceans releasing CO2 back into the atmosphere, reducing their supposed efficacy.!!!
— Read on www.carbonbrief.org/direct-co2-capture-machines-could-use-quarter-global-energy-in-2100/amp

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Dutch official advice to single people: find a sex buddy for lockdown | World news | The Guardian

Those without a sexual partner asked to come to mutually satisfactory agreements
— Read on www.theguardian.com/world/2020/may/15/dutch-official-advice-to-single-people-find-a-sex-buddy-for-lockdown-coronavirus

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Cheap electricity is back, and the next casualty will be a coal fired generator | RenewEconomy

The recent decline in electricity prices is astonishing. And with 6GW-plus wind and solar about to enter the grid, the next big casualty will be a coal generator.
— Read on reneweconomy.com.au/cheap-electricity-is-back-and-the-next-casualty-will-be-a-coal-fired-generator-72294/

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Covert-19: Government stacks Covid Commission with oil and gas mates, cosy deals follow – Michael West

Investigation released today reveals sweetheart deals between Big Mining and the Government — all done under cover of COVID-19. 350.org.
— Read on www.michaelwest.com.au/covert-19-government-stacks-covid-commission-with-oil-and-gas-mates-cosy-deals-follow/

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Nev Power Should Answer to Oversight Committee on Gas Agenda | The Australia Institute

Undemocratic bias, again, by Morrison government, more rorts for gas industry when renewables more cost effective.

Nev Power Should Answer to Oversight Committee on Gas Agenda | The Australia Institute
— Read on www.tai.org.au/content/nev-power-should-answer-oversight-committee-gas-agenda

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Fossil fuel incumbents push to delay another crucial energy market reform

Disgraceful big commercial advantage, again, to big vested interest, opposing reform to firm up renewable energy.

Crucial National Electricity Market reforms face delays under pressure from large incumbent fossil fuel generators using Covid-19 as a cover to stymie progress.
— Read on reneweconomy.com.au/fossil-fuel-incumbents-push-to-delay-another-crucial-energy-market-reform-82463/

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States so far ahead of Australia government, it’s as if they are in a different industrial era | RenewEconomy

Huge news, even optimism about options for recovery from COVID19.

A tri-partisan mix of Liberal, Labor and Greens energy ministers show that states and territories are so far ahead of federal Coalition government on climate and energy, it’s as though they are in a different industrial era.
— Read on reneweconomy.com.au/states-so-far-ahead-of-australia-government-its-as-if-they-are-in-a-different-industrial-era-96372/

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Holy grail of big batteries – first pilot for Gates-backed battery with 150 hours storage

Look out Snowy2.0, new battery storage may be lower cost as well as shorter lead time, less remote, less vulnerable to grid failure.

US utility to pilot “acqueous air flow” battery – backed by group including Bill Gates and Macquarie Capital – that promises to deliver 150 hours of storage at very low cost.
— Read on reneweconomy.com.au/holy-grail-of-big-batteries-first-pilot-for-gates-backed-battery-with-150-hours-storage-97845/

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