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Climate denial? Flat Earth? What’s the difference?

30 August, 2021 − People who deny that climate change is happening have something in common with people who believe in a flat Earth. — Read on climatenewsnetwork.net/climate-denial-flat-earth-whats-the-difference/

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The number of climate deniers in Australia is more than double the global average, new survey finds

New survey suggests Australian news consumers are far more likely to believe climate change is “not at all” serious compared to news users in other countries. — Read on reneweconomy.com.au/the-number-of-climate-deniers-in-australia-is-more-than-double-the-global-average-new-survey-finds-31064/

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Hunt’s new brown coal advisor?

Which way will the wind blow, or not, this time? To inspire real confidence, it’s surprising that predecessor in seat of Flinders is not joining the payroll. >readmore> ClimateSpectator

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Our new Prime Minister has quickly demonstrated his contempt for climate science

“…global warming is both a serious challenge (Britain is committed to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, from 1990 levels, of 34 per cent by 2020 and 80 per cent by 2050!!!) and a major economic opportunity. (Prime Minister David … Continue reading

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‘Sceptical Environmentalist’ says Direct Action no better than carbon tax

He’s back again already, preaching same nonsense, to not install renewables to mitigate risk of climate change, spending instead R&D, to make electricity so cheap that all current power sources will be redundant. Of course, he never says where the … Continue reading

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Climate NZ – Deniers Must Pay $90,000 For ‘Not Acting Reasonably,’ Court Rules

A New Zealand group dedicated to downplaying the existence of climate change has been ordered to pay close to $90,000 in court fees for bringing a “faulty” lawsuit that had sought to invalidate data that proved the country’s temperatures were on the … Continue reading

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How to assess quality of wind health study

This is a detailed discussion about how to assess authors, peer review, conflicts of interest and organisations which are anti-wind farms >read more>

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Big list denialist furphies

From Skeptical Science, a big list, when confronted with endlessly repeated, nonsensical claims by climate change denialists, it’s great if you know the subject well enough to offer short and sharp rebuttal. Otherwise it’s safest to get back to them … Continue reading

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Humans Are Not Like Slowly Boiling Frogs … We Are Like Slowly Boiling Brainless Frogs

by Joe Romm/ThinkProgress >read more>

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