Climate policy |Victoria needs renewables to offset coal risk

To respect Minister Angus Taylor, surely he needs to change his broken record repeats that coal fired power is the solution.

But coal is actually the problem.

It’s only on heat wave days that demand for electricity peaks. Obviously there’s plenty solar, also no shortage of wind. For the big fossil fuel generators, they bid high prices for gas but make most money by supplying as much as possible from coal power stations.

Unfortunately, 50 year old coal plants are fragile when cranked to 100% in hot weather. When they fail, cause if failure is rupture of steam tubes, inside as well as outside of the boiler, the size of 20 storey building for brown coal. The only option is then to shut down.

Size of most steam turbine generators is 500MW(megawatts). When demand on the grid is 20,000MW, from north QLD to SA, when 500MW drops out, somewhere, without warning, big power surges ricochet back and forth around the grid until other generators can fill the gap, as some parts of the grid trip out, black outs, here, there and everywhere, not easy to reset.

The best result to stabilise surges is the Tesla big battery in SA, ramping many MW, both up and down, in milliseconds, so that other generators, fossil or renewable, can provide longer term supply.

When will we see leadership to shutdown these old dinosaur coal generators so that faster investment in renewables is more certainly viable?

“Coal fired” and “baseload” are such hopelessly old fashioned notions that Angus Taylor can only try to make them convincing by shouting, again and again. Of course, the COALition do understand, it’s just that they’re paid to not do so.

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