Biggest storage in World, fast depletion for China and India

Note – there’s much fuss about storage, mostly about new batteries, but hundreds of millions of people are much more concerned  about storage of essential water for drinking, sanitation, irrigation and basic survival. Climate change is delivering ever more brief bursts of extremes, whether it’s floods or drought, at most inconvenient times. Looks like both China and India are particularly at risk, needing all of us to reduce emissions – drastically.

Black carbon – soot particles that absorb sunlight, spread by fossil fuel combustion  – are thought to accelerate thinning of glaciers of Himalaya and Tibet. Scientists have just identified the source of this Asian carbon…The smears that warm the ice in the Himalayas come from India, they say. And two thirds of the black cloud that settles on the frozen rivers of Tibet is from China…Since billions of people in the region depend on the steady flow of glacial meltwater down the Indus, the Ganges, the Tsangpo-Brahmaputra, the Mekong, the Yangtze and many other rivers through the summer growing season, the implications are ominous.

Samples from glaciers at what scientists call the Third Pole – the Himalaya-Hindu Kush mountains and the Tibetan Plateau represent the greatest mass of ice on Earth beyond the Arctic and Antarctic …They also collected aerosols – particles of black carbon drifting across the region – at seven stations along the Mustang and Langtang valleys in the massif.

Then they used a technique called dual-carbon isotope fingerprinting to identify a chemical signature to distinguish whether the soot came from burning vegetation or fossil fuels, and where the samples came from.Two-thirds of the soot from the Tibetan plateau, they report, came from fossil fuel combustion in China

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