New EV garbage truck to empty wheelie bins in congested streets


GarbageAlkeEspecially in small streets which get busy with visitors, collecting garbage from overflowing wheel bins has always been a problem. Here’s a solution that’s worth a serious look, clean and pedestrian friendly, compact for spaces where big, dirty diesel trucks can’t go.

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1 Response to New EV garbage truck to empty wheelie bins in congested streets

  1. Chris says:

    WOW, what a great truck and concept Burnie, I had come across these vehicles and methods in Europe before.

    I was very surprised to see there presence in Australia at a recent Waste Expo.
    Paul was one of the company reps I spoke with from Vehicle Ecology he informed me that Sydney have been using this concept for over seven years in congested areas and dumping into rear loader trucks as an alternative method to stationary bin corrals.

    Apparently Sydney are updating seven of there existing vehicles with this electric range !

    Paul gave me the full run down : Zero Emissions, charge of solar = zero running costs, compact, high efficiency, stays in designated area or town, unlimited bin emptying frequency and litter cleaning pick up, increased access, enjoy a coffee outside the shop without diesel fume flavour, kids can enjoy beach fronts without overflowing smelly bins, no risk of pedestrians being ran over by a frustrated speeding truck on its way back to the depot in high tourist areas, 96 % recycled at the end of life span which is 10 years plus, no accident risk with stationary vehicles, one man operation, Italian manufactured for $ 40,000 those NSW guys are ahead of the game on this one.

    From my observation the current method adopted in Vic is a $390,000 largest truck available in the world sitting in congestion, two operators one having to drag bins to the truck, 8 hours of operation = 5 emptied bins in a park or foreshore, burnt $ 250 of fuel and loads of emissions, left the bins that were to hard to access overflow, emptied 4 with one soft drink can in the bottom of each, hoping no damage to property in tight congested streets or operator injuries this way of doing things just doesn’t make sense guess these vehicles weren’t available.

    Love it Burnie, could do with some on the Mornington Peninsula foreshore.
    Seems like a no brainer wonder what holds these innovative, cost effective, fresh and terrific concepts back.
    Helps the environment, allows community’s to enjoy cleaner appealing not appalling areas, good for future generations and lowers costs which could hopefully be passed back into the community !
    Keep up the good work.

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