Energy/buildings/commercial-Not mandatory energy efficiency

Watching the building of Woolies shopping centre in Cowes, the usual concrete slab box, it was astonishing to see final installation of huge windows, all single glazed. It’s the same at new Woolies in Kooweerup. Concrete walls are poor insulators. There may be insulation in the ceilings. But looks like it will need lots of energy for both heating and cooling.

For houses, even renovations, first confrontation these days is about mandatory compliance with energy rating, up from 5 to 6 stars. Energy ratings are under jurisdiction of For commercial buildings, there’s no mandatory standard at all!! There’s just a register suggesting(!) that commercial premises be assessed and rating listed, with tease that capital and rental value might be improved. There’s only one entry for Victoria, Dandenong Plaza, 1 star!!

Evidently, rather than set us a good example with energy efficiency, large corporates like Woolies don’t care at all. Of course, they over heat and over cool, to help you linger longer, to buy more than you actually need. Inevitably, costs like energy are all recovered at the checkout, so it’s all your money that’s being wasted.

With fuss about energy efficiency these days, less electricity is being used. This is important as population grows because it means that power line equipment can cope. There’s lots of fuss recently about need to invest in “more electricity distribution infrastructure” to cope with growing population. This means massive expenditure on new power line equipment to enable more waste of energy.

With Cowes at end of long skinny power line, Woolies and Coles already, and plans for another big supermarket,  look out for plans for megabucks worth of new power line, your money again with “justified” electricity price hikes.

How about we write to nabers and politicians to enforce compliance with energy standards for commercial buildings? How about we insist that they should have energy rating stars displayed on entry doors of all public access buildings?

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This is on behalf of local climate change group. Material is selected by Bernie McComb and does not necessarily represent opinion of whole group.
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