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Sweden welcomes its first wooden wind turbine tower

The wheels have begun to turn on an interesting new form of wind turbine in Sweden, with the country’s first wooden power-generation tower now complete. It’s hoped the tower will be a harbinger of cheaper and greener solutions for renewable … Continue reading

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Cheap electricity is back, and the next casualty will be a coal fired generator | RenewEconomy

The recent decline in electricity prices is astonishing. And with 6GW-plus wind and solar about to enter the grid, the next big casualty will be a coal generator. — Read on reneweconomy.com.au/cheap-electricity-is-back-and-the-next-casualty-will-be-a-coal-fired-generator-72294/

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Dodgy SA wind numbers, to Murdoch, from Coalition

Real reason is dependence on too few players and gas cost rising with LNG exports …from several sources that South Australia opposition Liberal Party, a big opponent of wind energy, obtained data from AEMO(Australian Energy Market Op erator) and then “stuffed … Continue reading

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New Wind Tower Vestas Multi-Rotor

The cost of transporting tall wind turbine towers accounts for a big chunk of the cost of wind energy compared to other sources (aka LCOE(levelised cost of energy)). If multi-rotor approach works, then tower transportation costs can be spread out … Continue reading

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Tasmanian Government examines long-term green energy options after power woes

With low water levels for hydro power and Basslink power interconnected to Victoria, Tasmania now must look at serious investment in renewables, especially after 2014 abandoning 600MW wind farm in King Island. >more> ABC News

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New Giant Wind Turbines can dramatically change energy production in US

Since 1980, wind energy costs have fallen by more than a factor of 20 in some regions of the country — going from more than 55 cents per kilowatt-hour to  – Current standard height for most wind turbines is 80 m, however … Continue reading

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Denmark Sets World Record For Wind Power Production

Following recent news that Germany and UK have set records for annual wind power generation, Denmark now sets a world record. Currently around nine out of every 10 offshore turbines installed globally are made in Denmark. For such a small country, they put many others … Continue reading

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Wind declared cheapest energy source in Denmark

Denmark continues to advance while Australia just keeps digging more disaster. >readmore> TckTckTck

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Fair go for wind

From letters to the editor, extended version with attributions below: >readmore>

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Power demand drop, coal out, renewables in

Despite current loud rantings by the opposition, saying that Carbon Tax has done nothing to reduce emissions, here’s a report, based on latest NEM data, to show a decrease of more than 6% in last 12 months. Brown coal power … Continue reading

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