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Poland defies EU court ruling to close major lignite mine

Officials in Poland have defied an injunction by the top European Union court, saying that the ordered closure of a major brown coal mine would shake the nation’s energy system and lay off thousands of employees — Read on http://www.independent.co.uk/news/poland-defies-eu-court-ruling-to-close-major-lignite-mine-poland-czech-republic-warsaw-mateusz-morawiecki-prague-b1852852.htmlContinue reading

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Global water shortfall ‘to severely affect power generation’

A 40% shortfall of water across the globe by 2030 could severely affect power generation. That’s the prediction of the World Energy Council (WEC), which is calling for immediate action in order to secure resilient energy infrastructure. The energy industry is the … Continue reading

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Extreme thirst of coal fired power

Do we need to pipeline desal water to cool coal fired power stations, to make power for desal plant!?!? A typical coal-fired power plant can consume up to 11 million gallons of water to operate each day. During the 2011 … Continue reading

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