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Can I use my EV as a battery on wheels to power my off-grid home?

I want to give fossil fuels the finger, emphatically, permanently and with indescribable satisfaction, with an off-grid home and an electric vehicle to act as a battery on wheels. — Read on thedriven.io/2023/02/10/can-i-use-my-ev-as-a-battery-on-wheels-to-power-my-off-grid-home/ Sooner? Or later…

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Power tool: How Nissan Leaf e+ played vital role in Japan’s disaster recovery

Japan efforts to recover from natural disaster helped by the two-way battery that powers the Nissan Leaf electric car. — Read on thedriven.io/2020/12/18/power-tool-how-nissan-leaf-e-played-vital-role-in-japans-disaster-recovery/ How about keeping power tools, even medical devices indoors, operational when disaster with loss of grid power

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