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Shale company joins renewable hydrogen rush, so it can process oil

QEM, the developer of the Julia Creek shale oil project in Queensland, wants to use green hydrogen to process raw oil into usable fuel. — Read on reneweconomy.com.au/shale-company-joins-renewable-hydrogen-rush-so-it-can-process-oil/ Believe it or not…green hydrogen to produce petrol/diesel.

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Exxon Carbon Emissions and Climate: Leaked Plans Reveal Rising CO2 Output

Internal projections from one of world’s largest oil producers show an increase in its enormous contribution to global warming — Read on http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-10-05/exxon-carbon-emissions-and-climate-leaked-plans-reveal-rising-co2-output – guesstimate is 17% how good is that, in context wushu washy cap in ERF?

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BP drops a cluster bomb on Big Oil

Bernard Looney’s decision to reinvent BP as a green energy giant will save the FTSE 100 firm from a death spiral — Read on http://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2020/09/16/bp-drops-cluster-bomb-big-oil/

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More than $150Billion oil projects risk being axed in 2015

While some folks are happy about oil and petrol prices going low, it won’t last long. While prices were high, deep water and directional drilling, along with fracking, opened up new/old sources, previously not worth developing, causing oversupply. It’s much cheaper to get … Continue reading

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EOR(Enhanced Oil Recovery) uses steam from concentrated solar

As we wait for electricity from CST(Concentrated Solar Thermal) – oil companies already have it!! High-temperature, high-pressure steam created by the sun is injected deep into oil wells, heating the area, to reduce viscosity of  oil – so it’s easier … Continue reading

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