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Almost 90 per cent of Australia’s carbon neutral claims underpinned by ‘junk’ international offsets

Data shows the ‘carbon neutral’ claims of Australia’s big businesses are overwhelmingly based on highly dubious international offsets. — Read on tempestsandterawatts.substack.com/p/almost-90-per-cent-of-australias ? WTFoffsets?

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Thunberg v Carney: tensions flare over net zero and carbon offsets at Cop26

Activists escalated protests against “greenwash” and the carbon market “scam” as UN envoy Mark Carney touted a private finance climate pledge — Read on http://www.climatechangenews.com/2021/11/03/thunberg-v-carney-battle-net-zero-carbon-offsets-flares-cop26/ Onset more dishonesty about offsets?

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