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Olympic cauldron awaits 2021’s Tokyo competitors

9 June, 2021 − Despite a recent Covid spike Japan is going ahead with its plans, involving a veritable Olympic cauldron for competitors. — Read on climatenewsnetwork.net/olympic-cauldron-awaits-2021s-tokyo-competitors/

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China and Australia face a climate tipping point

8 December, 2020 − Once again, scientists warn that at least part of the world could be facing a climate tipping point. Two parts, in fact. — Read on climatenewsnetwork.net/china-and-australia-face-a-climate-tipping-point/

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‘Highest temperature on Earth’ as Death Valley, US hits 54.4C

A reading of 130F (54.4C) recorded in Death Valley could be the highest reliable recording ever. — Read on http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-53788018

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