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Amazon rainforest now emitting more CO2 than it absorbs

Cutting emissions more urgent than ever, say scientists, with forest producing more than a billion tonnes of carbon dioxide a year — Read on http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2021/jul/14/amazon-rainforest-now-emitting-more-co2-than-it-absorbs Dies this mean we’ve declared War on Nature?

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More carbon dioxide will dry world’s rainforests

7 July, 2021 − More carbon dioxide could parch the rainforest as effectively as the woodman’s axe or farmer’s torch. Both are on the cards. — Read on climatenewsnetwork.net/more-carbon-dioxide-will-dry-worlds-rainforests/ more CO2 needs more H2O to make more tree material which … Continue reading

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Rich world’s demands fell poorer world’s forests

9 April, 2021 − The tropical forests maintain global climate and nurture the riches of nature. The rich world’s demands are destroying them. — Read on climatenewsnetwork.net/rich-worlds-demands-fell-poorer-worlds-forests/ demand from the well-heeled for chocolate, rubber, cotton, soy, beef and exotic timber … Continue reading

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Big builders’ plans threaten to wreck forest survival

“This is a salutary reminder that we are living in a dreamworld of pledges, but a reality of very little progress, lack of transparency, vested interests and short-termism,” said Robert Nasi, director general of the International Centre for Forest Research. … Continue reading

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