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Shell, Adidas, And 70 Other Companies Call On Governments To Cap Carbon At 1Gton

How about this to revise target and deadlines for Tony Abbott and Direct Action? “Shell is a member of the USCAP, which calls for emission reduction targets for total U.S. emissions of 80 percent — 86 percent of 2005 levels … Continue reading

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Electric appliances powered by coal are better than gas

Why government incentives need to be cancelled to discourage use of gas powered appliances and how much money and even CO2 emissions you can save when you’re all electric even if you’re buying coal fired electricity. >readmore> ClimateSpectator

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What is the future of mobility?

About reducing CO2 emissions, many of us feel safest if it’s confined to closing dirty power stations. Transport is less comfortable, especially for older generation, sucked in that cars are the ultimate freedom machine, badge of prestige etc. Here’s an … Continue reading

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Aluminium exports taxpayers’ money

Here’s a clear illustration of biggest proportion of our dirty electricity generation going to aluminium smelting. In Victoria, when we pay 30, we’re lucky if they pay 1.5cents/kWh . Actual subsidy is nearly $0.5B/year, based on best rate for equivalent big … Continue reading

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Change of mind by friend of Nick Minchin

Bombshell: Koch-Funded Study Finds ‘Global Warming Is Real’, ‘On The High End’ And ‘Essentially All’ Due To Carbon Pollution Richard Muller is one of the key folks, included in the ABC doco, who’s been discrediting Climate Change for many years. … Continue reading

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