Brochure – Mythkonceptions – Before, During and After COP21


This brochure is not written by an expert, just a retiree, with time and inclination to try to make sense of this crazy world. Nature of material here is just interpretation of data always from accredited sources. The last page is the main one, showing Gt emissions, by year and consequences by RCP, with Gt reductions for each. Dotted lines and clear text have been overlaid onto IPCC original. For RCP2.6, world reduction needs to be 2.5%/year. Developing world makes case that developed world has benefited from 90% of accumulated emission so our share of heavy lifting should be more than theirs. Australia is so bad, how about we start to make up for lost time, by going for 10% per year, compound, not so difficult, reducing later, after low hanging fruit is picked, all of which makes conclusion for ZCA2020 by 2030. Obviously have managed to convince myself. How about you?