Why continue burning hydrocarbons? Why did we use leaded petrol for so long? – BBC News

At a press conference in October 1924, Thomas Midgley dramatically produced a container of tetraethyl lead – the additive in question – and washed his hands in it.
— Read on www.bbc.com/news/business-40593353.amp

Thursday of week before Midgley’s press conference, at Standard Oil plant in New Jersey, worker named Ernest Oelgert started hallucinating. By Friday, he was running around the laboratory, screaming in terror. On Saturday, dangerously unhinged, he was taken to hospital and forcibly restrained. By Sunday, he was dead. Within the week, so were four of his colleagues – and 35 more were in hospital.

Just more G$ for sadly deluded wealth junkies? Who’s gonna save us?

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