2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Pro: US$40,000 electric work ute breaks cover

420kW and 1051Nm Battery 120kWh with 318kW and 1051Nm, and cover up to 370km $51,200

Alternatively battery 180kWh with 420kW and 1051Nm, range 483km, $64,200
— Read on www.drive.com.au/news/2022-ford-f-150-lightning-pro-us40000-electric-work-ute-breaks-cover/

Buy yourself a truck and get big battery V2H storage for free!

Looks like Tesla Powerwall costs $14k or so, for 13kWh, so F-150 EV Standard amounts to 10 Powerwall at cost $140k, Long range amounts to 15 x 14 = $210k. There may, or may not, be inverter boxes to be added, for either input or output or both. More investigation needed.

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