Australian Climate Dividend

The Australian Climate Dividend Planinvolves a tax of A$50 per metric ton of CO2 emissions on electricity, direct combustion, transport, fugitive emissions, and industrial processes. The revenue generated would then be returned, evenly, to every voting-age Australian citizen. This would represent a tax-free payment of approximately $1,300 per person per annum.

Prices on petrol, oil and gas would go up, but the average Australian household is estimated to be $585 per annum better off even so. 

The lowest income-quintile households would be $1,305 per annum better off.

Read the report and see if you agree that this sounds like such a no-brainer. With the purpose of making ideas like this one into law, now is the time to get into politics

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This is on behalf of local climate change group. Material is selected by Bernie McComb and does not necessarily represent opinion of whole group.
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