‘Galilee Basin Coal Prohibition Bill Act’ prohibit mining thermal coal in Galilee Basin, Queensland.

+++At recent COP24 in Poland, many scores for responsible climate action(s) by Australia were appallingly low. Queensland receives more revenue from motor vehicle taxes than royalties from coal, an industry so highly automated that even employment needs to be hugely overstated.

Australia is hopelessly addicted to revenue from coal, small margin royalties but huge volumes. Blind Freddy can see that Climate Emergency will soon force both coal and LNG exports to be abandoned. The bigger we make them, the harder we fall, cold turkey, no rehab clinic, no soft landing economy. Time to quit so many dependencies on foreign markets so we can develop our own resilience so we can look after ourselves.+++

Please read per below and make your submittal before 1 Feb 2019


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This is on behalf of local climate change group. Material is selected by Bernie McComb and does not necessarily represent opinion of whole group.
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