Canada Announces Carbon Fee and Dividend

Great news Canada adopting fee and dividend as price on carbon. This means power stations(and other big consumers of fossil fuel) the tax office as they generate emissions. This is then a cost component on your electricity bill but you get reimbursed when you submit tax return. Tony Abbott screamed that this is a tax rip off. But money from power stations is separate from consolidated revenue, so, by definition, when users are even reimbursed, it’s not a tax. Even senior Republican Party people like it, a way of capitalising renewable energy projects, without tax, or big finance, or government intervention with big business. Just what we need in Australia.

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

trudeaucarbonToronto Globe and Mail:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took his climate-change battle to Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s backyard on Tuesday, unveiling a carbon-tax plan that would see 80 per cent of households in the province financially better off as a result of annual rebates to be paid in the spring.

Mr. Trudeau announced details of the program during a speech at Toronto’s Humber College − located in Mr. Ford’s riding − where he argued that the price on carbon emissions is a critical part of Canada’s commitment to the international effort to combat climate change and its dire impacts on people and the overall environment.

With an election due a year from now, the Liberal government is facing concerted attacks by Mr. Ford, federal opposition Leader Andrew Scheer and other conservative politicians across the country over the imposition of a carbon tax that they say is too burdensome and will…

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