Easiest Way To Counterattack Russia — Go Electric

How about this for an argument to convince our federal government to reduce our dependency on “their” foreign oil based fuel and offer incentives to switch to cars burning “our” electric fuel, especially zero carbon renewables?


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This is on behalf of local climate change group. Material is selected by Bernie McComb and does not necessarily represent opinion of whole group.
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1 Response to Easiest Way To Counterattack Russia — Go Electric

  1. Francine Dessaix says:

    Hi, Thanks for this last email but. I do not believe the extent of the Russian , so called, interference. It was very ironic to read this in the article about the following : …..”t’s frustrating when you’ve clearly been attacked by a hostile foreign country; when your national leader appears to be compromised; and when he is doing one thing after another that benefits Russia over the USA, that favors catastrophe and suffering over human health and comfort, and that subsidizes the oil & gas industry instead of clean energy and electric vehicles.” Just put USA in place of Russia and any number of countries in place of USA in the above passage. It fits MUCH, MUCH more appropriately….. especially the catastrophe and suffering bit.

    Of ALL the countries in the world the US is documented to have the world’s worst record for interference in other countries; in their political systems by engineering coups and assassinations,; in their economic systems by interfering in manufacturing and by using the power of so-called sanctions; in their civil systems by encouraging unrest and stirring up trouble against democratically elected politicians and the list can keep going. The CIA has been known to interfere in Russian affairs and stir up trouble there. HA! ALL because it is supposedly in the US’s “ national interest” or “security” when it is really all about imperialism, control and greed and owning as much of the resources it can steal or engineer to steal from other countries. This has been documented for decades and exposed through releases of information and high level confessions of some who were/are in the know. Just look at the US history of interference and the way the CIA infiltrates and causes mess. It is documented. The US is the single most dangerous state in the world at the moment. It supports illegal nuclear weapons in Israel which refuses to be investigated because they see themselves as above international law— who gave Israel that right or did they just take it ??- ; It attacked the country in Africa that was on it’s way to be free of the petrodollar—— my God, we can’t have that happen- the US MUST be in control no matter who suffers. Look at Lybia now; a devastated and destroyed country that was no threat to anyone ( except the petrodollar, of course). Apart from the ruin that is Afghanistan and the coincidental rise in heroin for sale. I much rather read “Easiest Way to Counterattack the USA ( and it’s deplorable attitude to Climate Change) -Go Electric”. This heading fits the USA’s current attitude to the world as regards Climate and pollution and green technology more than many other countries. Until the USA becomes so much less arrogant, aggressive, interfering, imperialistic,warlike, greedy and self-centred to the detriment of other countries I will keep thinking about this rogue nation as I do. It’s behaviour is on record over a long time. Even pre WW2 Presidents were sending warnings out. The USA can change and it will be a big change. It is not a case of it and the rest of the world as it’s attitude seems to be but it Needs to see itself as one part of the whole world. We did not elect the USA to be our world policeman and overseer. Your article is just a bit naive or even a bit misleading. WHY is this? To what purpose? Francine Dessaix Australia


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