ABC’s Uhlmann gets it wrong on renewables. Again

About ABC news items, biased against large scale renewable energy, in favour of fossils, corrections by people who definitely know what they’re talking about,

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1 Response to ABC’s Uhlmann gets it wrong on renewables. Again

  1. Ray Astbury says:

    The more Uhlmann indulges in energy discussion the bigger the fool he makes of himself, that is in the eyes of people who are the real experts on the subject, especially involving coal versus renewables. He is fast becoming in the ABC what Bolt has become in the Murdoch Press but this is understandable because they get paid handsomely for their lies. They belong to that section of the media who make a lot of noise about false statements made by the likes of Plimer, Kininmonth and a few others who have held high positions. One wonders how they got into these positions. Hmm, another problem the world faces. Uhlmann is obviously listening to these crackpots who dream up all sorts of unsound, lacking peer review, reasons why the planet is not warming. There’s a great saying from days gone by, “Listen to the butcher not the block”! Do the likes of Uhlmann and Bolt understand the greenhouse effect and the damage humans have done to it over the past two hundred years? One would think not going by all the garbage they talk about. Nearly ten years ago Kenneth Davidson wrote an article in the Age regarding climate change and global warming. “The greatest resource we don’t have is time”. It seems all these clowns are doing, prompted directly or indirectly by the fossil fuel lobby, is delaying responsible action in the name of the economy.


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