Republican supremos proposing carbon tax?!?

Here’s a follow up from previous reference to item in Washington Post. It’s always good to hear audio as well as read print and it elaborates on why Emission Trading Scheme(s) are such a crock(except for benefit of merchant bankers). Republican Bob Inglis points out that we’re overdue for carbon reduction scheme to which all Nations can commit. With fee-and-dividend(abbreviated to carbon tax) it’s clean and easy to collect as fossil fuels come out of the ground. Dividend is then a simple credit, to you from the taxman, to compensate for higher energy cost until fossil fuel power goes the way of the Dodo. Main point is that the whole thing is “bankable” which means stimulating investment, rock solid confidence for renewables, lots of jobsongrowth,  in a cash strapped world. Additionally, “cheap” imports, from countries with “competitive advantage” from high emission coal, can be hit with import duty to raise price to a level playing field… “This ticks every one of their boxes,” said Halstead. “It’s pro growth, pro competition, pro jobs, deregulatory, and it will help the working-class voters that Trump promised to help.”

>more> ABC_RN

>more> WashingtonPost

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