Pollution cruise ships

The volume of air saturated to the air quality objective concentration each minute for (left to right): NOx, SO2, PM10 and PM2.5 pollutionThe volume of air saturated to the air quality objective concentration each minute for (left to right): NOx, SO2, PM10 and PM2.5 pollution

“We have been thinking about how to visualise local air pollution for some time. This was an opportunity for us to show not just the volumes of pollutants, but more importantly the volume of air required to safely hold those pollutants. We think seeing the volumes in this way makes it real – a pre-requisite for better decision making.”
— Dr Adam Nieman, Creative Director, Real World Visuals

The consultants’ report provides figures for cruise ship they deem typical.  Elsewhere in the Report the cruise ship Crystal Symphony is mentioned as the largest that can get into the new dock.  This vessel would emit 2.5 to 3 times more NOx than shown in the images.

An argument used by supporters of the terminal was that vessels would be using ‘low sulphur’ diesel which is ‘very similar to automotive diesel’.  This is misleading.  Since 2009 in the EU the maximum sulphur content for automotive diesel has been 10 ppm, which is 10,000 times less than ‘low sulphur’ marine diesel (we are looking at creating an image to show this too)…The problem of excessive air pollution from stationary cruise ships in cities is however easily solved by installing shore-to-ship power systems, so the national grid can be used and onboard diesel power is not required.

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