SA failures and big battery proposal

The modelling suggests that “wobbling” output of the gas generators might have been the principal cause of the instability in the grid that led to the separation from Victoria…The ageing, slow reacting gas plants constantly overshot as they struggled to manage the system faults caused by the collapse of three major transmission lines, causing the grid to become unstable…huge challenge to protect energy generation supply and demand in extreme weather conditions…requires investment long-term and adoption of new technology and solutions that enable sustainable energy provision now and in the future.”

RES, one of the world’s biggest developers of battery storage plants, is to team up with engineering firm Lloyds Register to look at a 100MW lithium-ion battery storage plant in South Australia – to show that is a cheaper and more secure option than new transmission lines or gas plants…The $100 million project could be built next year, in a fraction of the time it would take to build a vastly more costly, multi-billion dollar transmission line linking the renewable energy leading state with NSW or Victoria.

“We keep reading about power price surges and not having enough power, but it does not compute. Having a storage type solution allows you to fully utilise those assets, and get a much better outcome at a fraction of the cost, and it doesn’t lock us into a 40 year asset that consumers will have to pay for.”..RES has more than 12GW of installed renewable energy capacity across the globe, including the 107MW Taralga wind farm and is currently building the 242MW Ararat wind farm. It has operated in Australia for 12 years and is also developing the Twin Creek wind project in South Australia…Lloyd’s Register is a global engineering, technical and business services organisation wholly owned by the Lloyd’s Register Foundation, a UK charity dedicated to research and education in science and engineering.

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