Betting the farm

…strongly recommended read or listen from ABC web site… about climate change, sobering, hands on points of view of farmers, who need help from science, because sympathy now amounts to insult. Mainstream media confuses us, representing interests of monster, dirty, energy corporations; also undermining both climate scientists and business of renewable energy. Here’s convincing and not so confusing climate change facts from down to earth farmers:

• farming can tolerate changing average but is destroyed by ferocious extremes, frequency and ferocity of floods, droughts, wildfires, heat, even cold snaps

• current seasons can stop raining in September and not really rain again through to following June.This spring it’s the other extreme. It won’t stop raining. But at least the lambs are in clover.

• number of days above 35 degrees, and changes in winter rainfall, have arrived 15 years ahead of schedule.

• rainfall zones shifting south by up to 400 kilometres since turn of millennium. They found winter rain had decreased by up to 30% and summer rain spiked by 40%

• predicted by climate model simulations for a long time, what it means is soaking winter rains miss land and fall in ocean. And rain in summer? Well, it vanishes before it can recharge groundwater.

• pleading for a lot more scientific work unpacking drivers of extremity…requires a deeper understanding of mechanics of mysterious Earth system. And that requires more research and more money.

• grapes ripening faster and much shorter timeframe for picking. So instead of taking 100 days, the vast majority of vintages are ripening within 60 days, harvest Jan instead March, much reduced picking time

• changed our calving pattern from spring, from August back until mid May to make most of winter pasture growth rate. Farmers have their hands in the dirt, their bums on tractor seats, and their eyes on their stock.

• In a wilder world, they need seed stocks and bloodlines that can be relied on to survive. And they want the science to develop enough to give them a chance to see the weather coming before it hits, not just to clean up the mess afterwards.

• Greg Hunt, instructed CSIRO to renew its focus on climate science. But there’s little clarity about what this means, and how much, if any, real, new money will go into climate modelling programs.

• Well, it makes farming more of a gamble than it ever was. It is a gamble. Which should be a complete concern to everyone who eats on this planet. And most people eat, or want to eat. Because the whole world is going to be gambling on food production.

Don’t we need to let our politicians know we’re concerned they’re doing too little, too late? Sooner or later, they’ll obviously backflip. They must make appropriate emission reduction action, no more delays. In other jurisdictions, they’d be charged with crimes against humanity and/or criminal negligence, Time to let them know,

>more> ABC RN Background Briefing – audio and transcript

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This is on behalf of local climate change group. Material is selected by Bernie McComb and does not necessarily represent opinion of whole group.
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