Dodgy SA wind numbers, to Murdoch, from Coalition

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 9.30.25 amReal reason is dependence on too few players and gas cost rising with LNG exports
…from several sources that South Australia opposition Liberal Party, a big opponent of wind energy, obtained data from AEMO(Australian Energy Market Op
erator) and then “stuffed the numbers up” quite spectacularly, and passed its mistaken conclusions on to The Australian…numbers quoted by The Australian in its “exclusive” attack on wind energy were not only wrong, they were completely nonsensical, claiming wind production figures that were nearly four times total capacity.

Note – despite it being crystal clear that our coal fired generators are now as old as 50 years, neither Murdoch nor Turnbull’s monkeys ever even recognise the need for a “Plan” to retire and replace these arthritic dinosaurs. Around the world now, even here for ACT auctions, there’s never a single offer from coal fired, unable to compete, even without CCS or compensation for health hazards. Finally, how can they insist that Free Market Economics is the solution, when key policy is de-regulation, which is root cause of problem.

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