CO2 sinks Oceans/Land

EarthvsOcean_carbon restoring ocean plant life

Pics here illustrate importance of oceans v land for CO2 absorption. Area wise, oceans are 72% of planet surface but 93% of long term CO2 absorption.


ocean warming controlled by plankton emissions


Plankton make microscopic particles of DMS, triggering moisture to pop up from ocean surface then form clouds. In doing so they are the most powerful force known to effectively control global warming! The Earth would be 25% hotter without plankton and protective clouds!




Increasing area of ocean pastures with bluer waters contain far less phyto-plankton. Ocean life is less sustainable as once flourishing ocean pastures become ever bluer blue deserts as their planetary cooling cloud forming abilities diminish. Phyto plankton also deliver food to life forms in ocean deeps, which then feed life forms which become krill, delivered by deep ocean currents to upwelling, in places close to home, like Warrnambool, feeding surface marine life forms as big as Blue Whales.


We like to think that we know much more about land side ecosystems, like tropical rainforests, obviously knowing less about oceans. But it’s now becoming common knowledge that land masses in equatorial latitudes are subject to failing rainfall, warming/drying and major fires, as above for Indonesia, also for Amazon Basin and West Africa.

In Australia, Minister for Environment Hunt, insists that ERF (Emission Reduction Fund) is working. Scientists reveal that emissions are actually increasing. Hunt’s defence is free market tender process for “carbon farmers” to receive taxpayer $$$,$$$, as reward for NOT land clearing and/or planting trees, to capture and store CO2 “offsets”. Claiming 15tonne/hectare/year accounting is as shonky as 10 times more than CSIRO research. But ERF does mean Coal-ition are gifting big bucks to make sure they win key electorate victories.

Coal-ition says we should trust they’re certain about so many things. Isn’t it more important to recognise there’s so much we don’t know? Surely we and politicians brave enough to think?

>more>illustrations from RussGeorge


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