American ‘weaponised philanthropy’

For two people who have never held elected office, billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch, are without a doubt the most influential people in American politics. But although they are shaping American life at every level, few ordinary Americans know their names. They go to great lengths to keep their work secret.After long campaign, in 2010, Federal Law was changed so there’s no limit to $ they can  spend on political campaigning, lobbyists, think tanks etc. With friends for 2016 election, they’re chipping in $989Million, no less! The empire started with father Fred, who in early 1930’s, when USA was bankrupt, built 15 petrochem refineries for Stalin and more for Hitler. Main campaigns support fossil fuels, reduce government and taxes and anything to do with renewable energy.Regardless of drastic campaign to undermine Obama, in the last 8 years, their fortunes have tripled to $46Billion, each. Quite a story of might and power taken on by climate activists.

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