Rundle: Direct Action puts Australia in the ‘arseholes club’ of climate policy

Australia is the worst performer on climate action in the industrialised world. Some countries that had been with us in the arseholes club, such as the US, have now left it, according to CAT, thanks to recent changes in policy. And other countries such as Mexico, committing to a 22% reduction of emissions below the 1990 baseline, put us to shame… backwards-looking commitments at COP21 — ours especially — are starting to look less like a down payment, and more like that Australian standby, negatively geared with zero deposit and no obligation…To keep temperature rise below 2 degrees by 2100, and on “least-cost” pathway as envisaged by the INDCs, emissions would have to come down by about 3% a year, every year from 2030 onwards. Starting earlier, as this graph shows, would require only a 1.6% average reduction from now.”

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Note – the 32015-12-03_16-11-34% and 1.6% reductions are world average. Together, the 25 major emitters today account for 83 percent of current global emissions and 90 percent of cumulative global emissions. So in fairness to developing countries, from developed countries, if we enjoy benefits from having contributed  10 times more, then we should reduce by 1o times more. So how about reductions of  16%/year from 2020 or 30%/year if we’re too slack to start before 2030. 

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