Mangroves die-off in Queensland’s Gulf Country and Limmen Bight ‘may be due to warmer oceans’

Warmer ocean temperatures could be the reason for huge areas of mangroves dying off in Queensland and the Northern Territory, researchers have said…Australia is home to 7 per cent of the world’s mangroves…They take in 50 times more carbon than tropical forests by area and act like “nature’s kidney”, Professor Duke said…die-off already appeared to be having an effect on fish stocks at Karumba – a small Gulf town that relies heavily on the industry…”What we were told by one fishermen was that there is a reduction in catch, so there seems to be a correlation with what we might expect,” he said…”One of the values of these forests is to support local fisheries.”..raised serious concerns about the situation which he compared to coral bleaching happening on the Great Barrier Reef, which is the result of warmer ocean temperatures…”We’re talking about hundreds of kilometres of shoreline affected and an area of mangroves that would be a kilometre-wide in some places,”


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