China encourages citizens to eat less meat

Australian meat sales to China surged six-fold in three years to a record $917 million in 2015..volume of beef rose more than 4 times … while the price 37% in the past 12 months..meat consumption alone comes to about 62 kg per capita annually, while dietary guidelines would limit it to just over 27 kilograms…However environmentalists argue if the reductions recommended by the guidelines were to actually occur, it could be a major win for the environment. Agriculture is one of the primary contributors to global greenhouse gas emissions, and the meat industry – and particularly beef production – is one of the biggest culprits. In addition to huge amounts of land, water and food required to raise livestock, cattle are infamous for belching large quantities of methane into the atmosphere. And cattle raising, in particular, is known for being a major contributor to deforestation, which also drives up global carbon emissions.

<also 800,000 poddy calves slaughtered each year, to keep our dairy farmers in(or out!) of business chasing export business for Murray Goulburn and Fonterra>

>more> TheAge

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