Hunt v. QLD holidays

UntitledClimCounReef<Prof Will Steffen> “reviewed case study on Great Barrier Reef, focussing on increasing risks to tourism from climate change…report released Friday — mysteriously, Great Barrier Reef was cut completely…However, our community banded together to get the word out far and wide.

We reached millions of Australians via 260 media stories…And the world with over 50 big international stories. The New York TimesThe BBCAl JazeeraThe Washington Post. ..That’s the power of our citizen-funded Climate Council.

Because the Council is funded by our community, we can be independent from governments of all stripes — and we can speak out in defence of science. Just a few thousand Australians chipping in enables us to be one of the leading voices on climate change in the Australian media. This week, that’s really held the Government accountable when it tried to censor scientific information on climate change.”

<If Reef is bad enough to shirt front UNESCO hard enough to censor their report, what now for Queensland? Cancel tourism? Then focus on Free Trade exploitation with coal, sugar, cattle etc. Do need to raise $10Billion, for starters, for environmental repair of 100 years worth of damage? How long before Minster Hunt does less harm to Environment? How about Ministry of De-Radicalisation?>


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This is on behalf of local climate change group. Material is selected by Bernie McComb and does not necessarily represent opinion of whole group.
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