Lessons from – Oil Rich Alberta’s New Carbon Tax

n-alberta-oil-pump-large570“You may be aware that the “Texas of Canada”, Alberta, recently had an election, and that the results were roughly equivalent to Bernie Sanders being elected Governor of the Lone Star State.One of the first things the new administration did, was institute a tax on carbon. With the support of Oil companies… Alberta’s new centre-left Premier, Rachel Notley, announced that the province would be introducing an economy-wide carbon tax priced at $30 per tonne of CO2 equivalent…In 2013, greenhouse gas emissions were 267 Mt CO2 equivalent, about 65 tonnes per capita, which compares with the average for the rest of Canada of about 15 tonnes…As every country searches… to meet mitigation pledges made at the COP21 meeting in Paris, Alberta has set a thoughtful example. Economists almost universally favour carbon pricing as a mitigation mechanism and many, if not most, of them prefer a carbon tax over other pricing methodsMitigation pessimists are quick to allege it’s politically impossible to institute carbon pricing in regions where emissions are high and where primary industry produces high levels of emissions. It’s not…If Alberta, with its high emissions and dependence on high-emission industries, can bring in economy-wide carbon pricing, any government can. There are no excuses any more.”

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This is on behalf of local climate change group. Material is selected by Bernie McComb and does not necessarily represent opinion of whole group.
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