End of energy and transportation as we know it’: Tony Seba

Within just 15 years conventional energy production and transport…obsolete by revolution in batteries, solar power and electric cars… “no excuse” for any utility in Australia not to know what’s coming, he says, outlining world with little centralised power generation, 100 per cent electric vehicles and minimal private car ownership…Mr Seba’s thesis is based on the transformation being wrought by four technologies: solar power, battery storage, electric vehicles and self-driving cars…Already, solar power costs have dropped from $US100 a watt to US45¢ a watt since 1970, a period when other forms of energy have surged in price 16-fold. That means solar’s relative cost per unit of energy production has reduced by 1300 times relative to coal, to 3000 times relative to natural gas and nuclear…“People are just going to abandon their cars,” he says, noting that Foxconn, the Chinese maker of the Apple iPhone, is targeting an EV for less than $US15,000…thesis means elimination of 60% of global market for petroleum that is used in road transport…size of car fleet will be slashed by 80%, freeing up huge areas within cities currently dedicated to parking, with a knock-on impact on real estate prices.

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This is on behalf of local climate change group. Material is selected by Bernie McComb and does not necessarily represent opinion of whole group.
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