Greg Hunt named ‘best minister’ at Dubai summit

The award, created by Thomson Reuters, focuses on aspects including innovative leadership, quality and impact. The World Bank, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, and auditing firm EY were among the judges of the award.

<Australia has>.. a renewable energy target to build as much large-scale renewable energy infrastructure in the next five years as had been built over the past 15 years, he said.<note – no new approvals since 2013, recent startups approved before 2013 from ARENA and CEFC, Hunt policy to abolish>

Mr Hunt said that Australia would work with the UAE to help create an international partnership for blue carbon, which is carbon captured by oceans and coastal ecosystems.

“Just as rainforests have an incredible capacity to absorb greenhouse gases, so do mangroves,” he said.  “Indeed, the UAE has been a pioneer in mangrove or blue carbon conservation with the benefits of emission reduction and marine biodiversity. “This partnership will aim to accelerate action on protecting our great mangrove systems and we invite other countries to work with us.”<note – look out for wild claims about how much CO2 mangroves can sequester, scammers to claim big bucks in next ERF auction and never any revelation about how many tonnes/hectare/year or audit of actual performance>

The minister said he was optimistic about achieving his goals. “This is because of the lessons that my father taught me about the value of a vision supported by a plan,” he said. “Above all else, I am optimistic because as a husband and a father … I can see the same truth that all parents see – in the end, humanity and the environment are both fundamentally worthy and fundamentally linked.” <so how about a bill, like in Holland by Urgenda, that Ministers cop personal liability for any future legal action which can prove dereliction of duty?>

<more> TheNational UAE

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