Australian regulators struggle with shift to an energy democracy

Here’s something we can all do,  click on the link to get more backers so that Greg Barber can make a difference for us:

“In Queensland, fixed charges have been lifted so far that households using little electricity are forced to pay a minimum 72c/kWh for electricity that is generated at a cost of just 4c/kWh at a coal generator a few kilometres down the road…A striking example of this is in Victoria, where new Labor government wants a review into “fair value” of solar, and assessment made of whether the reduced feed-in tariff – cut to just 5c/kWh this year, as recommended by the Essential Services Commission –is justified or not….So who has Labor asked to review the ESC assessment? The ESC of course. And the solar industry and environmental groups are bashing on the door to try and break down the exclusivity that has guided such reviews in the past…Greens MLC Greg Barber has launched a Facebook campaign – a fair go for solar – to encourage solar home-owners – and there are 250,000 of them in Victoria – to make a submission to the ESC review. He has already gotten nearly 1,500 such submissions. But still, it seems, no seat at the table. According to Barber, ESC had invited “stakeholders” to a meeting – held today – to discuss the ESC’s approach to the review. The meeting was to be “open”, but references to it were suddenly deleted from the website and it ended up being “invitation only”.

Such is glacial pace of change in the electricity industry, that the ESC last December issued a 60-page report on how it would approach the review…It has sought submissions and then will consider the matter. Then it will do the review. That might take more than a year, by which time tens of thousands of Victorian solar households will see their 20c/kWh tariff slashed to around 5c/kWh…Barber says this is not good enough. He, and others, say that the question of distributed generation has been treated as almost “trivial” by the incumbent industry, and the issue buried under the complexity of weighty submissions.”

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